Friday, March 25, 2016

Accused Sex Offender Strangled At OKC Jail

Accused Pervert Strangled at the Oklahoma City Jail?

What, the Guy thinks he is a State Senator and can Get Away with This Stuff?

  Fifty eight year old Dale Schmidt was killed at Sheriff Whetsel's jail last week, allegedly hung in his jail cell, but inside sources are claiming the guy was strangled with a phone cord and that nothing was present in his cell that could be used for hanging himself.
  Schmidt had been arrested after allegedly attempting to molest a 13 year old boy and the death has been labeled suicide by the OSBI and was said to be the only one in that cell.   Really, after all the repots of overcrowding in the cells they can house a single inmate in a cell?
  Inside sources claim that the pay phones are in a common area of the jail and closely supervised and that the only area were strangulation could take place out of view of the cameras is a day room.  One wonders if it was the other inmates or jailers performing some street justice.
 Regardless the State Senate finds itself one less candidate for the next election and Whetsel's inattention to the jail enables another life to be lost be it not much of a loss for society.

News on 6 reports on the allegations which led to Schmidt's arrest.