Thursday, March 31, 2016

One More Time, John Bennett Was Right About The Muslims

  Few societies have been more welcoming to the Muslims that Belgium yet it earned them 31 bloody deaths and 240 wounded on Tuesday when the Muslim suicide bombers attacked.

  Yet even then the apologists continued to dismiss the idea that there is a clash between Islam and Western democracy.   The mentality is that standing up to Muslim terrorism breeds more Muslim terrorism and the illusion of liberal policy and the false sense of superiority afforded by liberal policy.   The liberal identify with the Muslims in Syria and equate the suffering of Europeans with those who are taking a stand against jihad.

  One ought to consider that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology and that it ought to be subjected to the same criticism and if terror is done in Islam's name then perhaps the ideology ought to be suppressed.   We suppressed communism, German and Italian fascism, imperial Japan, and white supremacists and the time has come to suppress Muslim ideology.   The current state of affairs worldwide has only developed because of TWO failed ideologies, Muslim ideology and liberal ideology.   Political correctness has always been a war on what we can see with our own eyes and understand. 

  America will soon find itself in Belgium's shoes if we don't wake up and stop the massive influx of Muslims.    Belgium began importing workers in the 1960's after the post war boom and a declining birth rate left parts of Belgium short of factory workers.    Belgium didn't reach out to workers in other parts of Belgium or other parts of Europe because of political nuances.  The state itself was created in the early 1800's to separate France and Germany and was created out of three distinct groups consisting of the French speaking Walloons, Dutch speaking Flemish citizens, and the remaining part were German speaking peoples.   Balance among the groups had to be maintained at all costs for political reasons.

  The Walloon people had the factories and they dared not bring in workers that spoke Dutch or German lest their population be marginalized and swallowed up so they brought in North Africans, Moroccans, Algerians, and Tunisians that could speak some french. 

  By the late 1900's the factories were gone but the immigrants stayed and Islam became Belgium's second largest religion, 6.2% of the population.  But these immigrants kept the Walloon's territory from being populated with Flemish.   Belgium did not ask immigrants to assimilate, they encouraged the population to hold onto their identify and that identity became the Muslim culture despite Islamic culture being somewhat weak in North Africa during this time frame.

  So the Belgians set about promoting Islam to their immigrants as they didn't want to accept them into Walloon society and they didn't want them becoming too Flemish or too German.  Multiculturism became the rage and the building of mosques was encouraged.  The welfare system wanted the clients so they made sure that generations of families were on the roles.  When other countries banned Islamic groups Belgium allowed them to set up base and prosper and eventually Belgium became the center of jihadist culture in Europe.

  Despite being so accommodating the Muslims began asking the King of Belgium to convert to Islam and they started a group called Sharia4Belgium dedicated to transforming Belgium into an Islamic state.   After the 2015 Paris attacks Belgium finally got around to declaring the group a terrorist group.  Yet it was too late as Belgium had become the leader in providing jihadists to ISIS and over 100 of the jihadists had returned after fighting in Syria.  Terrorists were free to travel to and from the battlefields as the liberals maintained the culture of Muslim culture including ill treatment of women, child marriages, and respect and acceptance of Shariah law.

  Gradually the former depopulated districts filled with Muslims where men wore beards and women the hijab.

  American has always been a great melting pot but the key word is melting, as immigrants melded into our society and adopted the same values.   Liberalism maintains that immigrants ought not to change but society should change to accommodate.  Somehow even the feminists accept the subornation of women in order to maintain enough of a power base to continue political correctness. 

  But Belgium and the invasion of Europe by "refugees" is creating a backlash against political correctness and multiculturalism.   American and Oklahoma would do well to learn from their mistakes before American becomes overrun with Muslims and we lose our Republic.