Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tulsa Trash Republican Attacks Conservative Republican Leadership

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Tulsa Trash Republican Attacks
Conservative Republican Leadership

A Woman Ugly Inside as Well as Outside. 

Advocates Assisted Death for her Own Elderly Mother. 

When most women get older they will lose much of their good looks as do we all as we age but usually in its place a certain kind of grace settles in, something far more attractive than the superficial beauty of youth.  An air of wisdom, tolerance, humility, there is a reason why we call them our better halves.  But then there is Carol Bush….

Rep. Ken Walker got his butt kicked and the woman that took his place has already begun attacking the Republican Party Platform and House leadership.

In an interview on thetulsavoice.com she was the epitome of pride, arrogance, and braggadocio, speaking to a long time friend and probably too stupid to realize it was going to be printed or too clueless to care what her House colleagues might think.  She has worked for the Tulsa Crime Commission and the Tulsa Health Department and appears to be a failed businesswoman forced to suck on the public teat for her income.  One of her "accomplishments" was getting Coke machines out of the Tulsa schools, in the interest of health and wellness.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Cost Of Sending Mom To Prison

Deanise Smeedly Mug Shot
The Cost of Sending "Mom" to Prison

Well meaning but misdirected activists can do a lot of damage to our society.  People get stuck on "feelings" instead of looking at the issues with cold hard facts and in the process they become locked into a world view that simply flies in the face of logic and takes government away from being effective and humane.

On one of the Facebook groups used for state politics there appeared an article covering the rate at which women are sent to prison and the societal and personal costs of sending a drug addict to prison.  No doubt the author wanted to make a positive impact but the story was shot full of holes and outright inaccuracies, the main one being how a woman was sent to prison because she didn't have a prescription for her bottle of medication.

In fact the "Mom" in th story was in possession of illegal narcotics, most likely pain pills so she is doing drugs around her kids. If she simply didn't have her prescription with her it would be printed on the bottle label along with her name and her doctor's name. So she didn't just "not have her prescription".

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

John Bennett Was Right

John Bennett Was Right
Taqiyya  and Trusting the Muslims
By now you have probably seen the story of Yasmin Seweid, the 18 year old Muslim woman who had concocted a story about being attacked and harassed on a subway by three white males.  She claimed that they changed "Trump" while harassing her, calling her a terrorist, and trying to pull the hijab off her head.  No one came to her aid we were told, slandering the subway riders along with the rest of New York society.
  After spending hours combing through mug shots and security tape the woman stuck to her story, initially posted on Facebook.  Then she disappeared, triggering a manhunt, before admitting that she had made up the entire episode because she was out after curfew and was having problems with her parents who didn't like that she was dating a Catholic white boy.  During her disappearance it turns out she was staying with her boyfriend.

Monday, December 19, 2016

When Legislators Look at Higher Ed Budgets this Year

Something to Consider when Legislators
Look at Higher Ed Budgets this Year
  Ah… Queen David Boren likes to subvert Oklahoma values and little else does that better than creating better conditions for Muslims while attacking Christian values and denying Christian prayer.  And of course a Ten Commandments memorial isn't allowed on state property but it is fine to spend tax payer dollars on Mosques on OU campus?  Below is a Muslim news story bragging about expanded Muslim rights on the OU campus.
  AhlulBayt News Agency) - Maeen Alqohaif used to pray between the narrow bookshelves in a corner of the Bizzell Memorial Library, where stray students wandering by posed a constant distraction. Until, that is, the mechanical engineering junior discovered a better location for the five-times daily prayer required of Muslims: the reflection room — a classroom-sized, lamp-lit, quiet space designated solely for prayer.

  The University of Oklahoma has opened a new reflection room to host Muslim students wishing to pray during the day, giving them a sense of belonging and welcome.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Filthy Disease Ridden Oklahoman

The Yellow Peril then;
The Filthy Disease Ridden Oklahoman Children Now
In the 1870's the Yellow Peril referred to a racist perception that Chinese immigrants were an enormous threat to whites.   The fear was of a horde of yellow people swamping Western societies and that the Chinese were lesser men, apes, too primitive and childlike to adopt Western ideals.  The threat was later used as a pretext to actually invade China and carve concessions and territories by Germany, Brittan, the U.S., and a host of other countries.

Working class men were worried about lower wage Chinese immigrants stealing their jobs which lead to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that barred Chinese immigration and existing Chinese legal residents from becoming citizens.  None other than Horace Greeley proclaimed that Chinese were "uncivilized, unclean, and filthy beyond all conception without any of the higher domestic or social relations; lustful and sensual in their dispositions; every female a prostitute of the basest order."

Monday, December 5, 2016

One More Time, Rep John Bennett Has Been Right

   One of the best websites out there keeping track of the Muslim threat is Understanding The Threat or UTT.  They wrote an excellent article on the Ohio State University terrorist last week that is worth the time to read.  The terrorist, A Muslim refugee from Somalia named Abdul Razak Ali Artan is "scared"  claims he is too scared to pray so he runs over people and stabs people till he was turned into a good Muslim by a campus cop.

  UTT reminds us that what the terrorist did was completely legal under Sharia Law but the media is wringing their hands and asking why the guy committed a terrorist act and what "drove" him to snap.   The article points out that a Somali Muslim runs over people, jumps out to start stabbing people, while screaming Allah u Akbar…  and the media isn't able to figure out the motivation?

Serial Rapist or Another Victim of David Prater’s Railroading Tactics?

  Former OKC cop Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted on 18 counts of sexual assault crimes against eight black women, resulting in a 263 year sentence.  At the time we didn't really look into the story, it looked like the system working as it should to remove a very bad apple from the force.
But National Review Senior Editor and syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin is saying otherwise in a story released this week and an upcoming two part story on the new Mark Levin TV channel.  Malkin claims she has reviewed the court records, testimony, and discovery documents, including interviewing the lead detectives, community activists, a DNA expert, and friends and family of Holtzclaw and has found a lot of troubling loose ends.  The local reaction was swift, a billboard company was forced to pull down a billboard that asked a simple question "What if he didn't do it?"

Malkin says that prosecutors didn't present a single corroborating witness or a single piece of forensic evidence showing that the 36 sexual assaults occurred.  It is said that Holtzclaw was forthcoming and consistent in his story when interviewed by the detectives after the first allegation was reported.  He was completely cooperative, agreeing to a polygraph, providing DNA samples, even signing a waiver to search his home, his computers, and his phone.
As is usual the detectives lied about what they already had but Holtclaw continued to ask that "everything" be done.  The initial allegation was recorded by a nearby camera system but was too grainy and distant to confirm anything other than a traffic stop occurred.  Malkin described the location as anywhere but the place that a serial predator would choose to commit such an act.