Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tulsa Trash Republican Attacks Conservative Republican Leadership

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Tulsa Trash Republican Attacks
Conservative Republican Leadership

A Woman Ugly Inside as Well as Outside. 

Advocates Assisted Death for her Own Elderly Mother. 

When most women get older they will lose much of their good looks as do we all as we age but usually in its place a certain kind of grace settles in, something far more attractive than the superficial beauty of youth.  An air of wisdom, tolerance, humility, there is a reason why we call them our better halves.  But then there is Carol Bush….

Rep. Ken Walker got his butt kicked and the woman that took his place has already begun attacking the Republican Party Platform and House leadership.

In an interview on thetulsavoice.com she was the epitome of pride, arrogance, and braggadocio, speaking to a long time friend and probably too stupid to realize it was going to be printed or too clueless to care what her House colleagues might think.  She has worked for the Tulsa Crime Commission and the Tulsa Health Department and appears to be a failed businesswoman forced to suck on the public teat for her income.  One of her "accomplishments" was getting Coke machines out of the Tulsa schools, in the interest of health and wellness.

Even more telling is her support of the new Speaker Charles McCall.  The one saving grace on her apparent policies is when she boldly and ruthlessly attacked the teachers, saying:

 "I still don't know why 55 percent of our budget goes to public education and we can't fund it. I would still like to know where the hell all that money goes. I think we have too many school districts, we're too top heavy, too administrative."

She then goes on to agree with the interviewer that Oklahoma has cut education more than any other state since 2008, showing the depth of her complete ignorance of the fact that education spending has increased every single year since 2008.   She is pro abortion in some instances, against Charter Schools ever receiving a dime of the money the parents have paid into public education, all for free government healthcare for everyone, pro gay rights, pro increasing taxes including last year's failed cigarette tax,  advocates a "luxury tax",  and generally pro tax across the board.

Carol Bush's most telling statements were these:

  •  "I still would like to think there is a shift away from those radical positions that have defined my party. Because people have decided we have to start focusing on the things that matter every day.
  • And on Trump?   "God only knows. I don't like the way he represents; I wish he would shut up.
  • But by far was her attack on the Christian legislators when asked about the first caucus meeting at the Capitol:
"Okay, it was fine, a reunion of sorts for many, but then John Bennett [R-Sallisaw] spoke and I thought I was back at ORU and that was offensive. It was a prayer revival, Bible thumping, and it shouldn't have been. And it wasn't just offensive to me—I am sitting in a row of about ten people and we're all looking at each other, thinking, 'What are you doing?   Oh, I'll pick a fight with him. We need to muffle his megaphone. And how the hell does he keep getting re-elected? Let's start there."

Representative Carol Bush went much further, saying that Christian like Rep. John Bennett "sucks the energy out of real legislation and embarrasses the state":

 "Yes, absolutely. When I was campaigning, I'd knock on doors and ask questions, try to go deeper, and one woman said she'd never let her kids go into a public bathroom again because she didn't want them kidnapped and raped. And I thought, 'Oh, dear God, the ignorance.' I said, 'Do you know who the pedophiles are? It's usually your white, next-door neighbor. I laid into her because I was so angry about the ignorance."

Bush admits that former Democrat Jeannie McDaniel recruited her to run.   She even advocates for an assisted death law in Oklahoma to deal with her ill mother:

 "I am taking care of my mother, who wants to die. And she keeps begging me and I tell her, 'We don't live in Oregon. We don't have assisted suicide laws. Those questions get asked. The sanctity of life, but what of the quality? There are these dilemmas we're faced with every day."

Rep. Bush also lamented the lack of freely available abortion including the Morning After Pill and advocated the state handing out condoms at school:

"When I was at the health department, we weren't allowed to do the Morning-After Pill, but we also weren't allowed to go to schools and hand out condoms. No birth control because the religion right said, 'Abstinence!' Well, as the mother of two daughters, I prayed to God it was abstinence. Did it happen? I don't know, but they could come to me and say 'Mom, I need to be on birth control.' Was it what I wanted? No. But I'm not stupid and blind. If we had been able to hand out birth control, we would not be 4th in the nation in teen pregnancies. Guess who's taking care of them? Thank you, taxpayers. God, give them birth control! GIVE THEM BIRTH CONTROL—not abortions. We're so myopic in our thinking. I'm saying that as a Christian, so there you go, Republicans."

And she claims she is a "Christian"?     From her own interview I'd say that she is a liberal Democrat that unseated a conservative Republican.    A constituent of  her district summed it up quite well in the comment section of the article:

"Carol Bush serves my district, 70. After reading this article, I'm a little concerned about that. When the author says, "you'll be recalled by April," he's being sarcastic...he may be foretelling the future.   She never said any of this during the campaign. If she had, she would never have beaten Ken Walker and been elected.
     The hubris and attacks against Republican leadership, including the President-elect, is distasteful, arrogant, and stupid. If she turns out to be the RINO she sounds like in this article, she's a one-term representative.   I expect more from a Holland Hall and ORU graduate. I hope she straightens herself out and gets that hubris in check.   I'll be watching Carol Bush, her votes, and how she represents my district, a lot more closely now. I hope she's better than this article presents her."