Wednesday, December 21, 2016

John Bennett Was Right

John Bennett Was Right
Taqiyya  and Trusting the Muslims
By now you have probably seen the story of Yasmin Seweid, the 18 year old Muslim woman who had concocted a story about being attacked and harassed on a subway by three white males.  She claimed that they changed "Trump" while harassing her, calling her a terrorist, and trying to pull the hijab off her head.  No one came to her aid we were told, slandering the subway riders along with the rest of New York society.
  After spending hours combing through mug shots and security tape the woman stuck to her story, initially posted on Facebook.  Then she disappeared, triggering a manhunt, before admitting that she had made up the entire episode because she was out after curfew and was having problems with her parents who didn't like that she was dating a Catholic white boy.  During her disappearance it turns out she was staying with her boyfriend.


   Her story started to fall apart after police looked at the security footage and her description of the assailants began to waver.   Seweid was arrested on Wednesday and charged with filing a false report and obstructing governmental administration.  The woman showed up for court the next day sporting a shaved head, done by the family as punishment for disgracing the family publically. The question being of course was if she was punished for lying or for getting caught lying?
  Muslims are not only permitted to lie to unbelievers, they are compelled to lie in order to spread their faith and to defeat any opposition.  There are four forms of lying allowed:
  • Taqiyya, lying about the Muslim identity or practices
  • Kitman, lying by omission.
  • Tawriya, creating a false impression
  • Muruna, blending in by setting aside some Muslim practices or Sharia law in order to mislead.
  The religious texts of the Muslim faith contain many references to the use of lying to conquer others.  This site explains the practice in good detail.  They are even allowed to lie to preserve unity and peace within their own society.  The idea is that Allah will judge their heart and intent, not their words.
  Or course Seweid cast blame upon Trump, claiming that Trump condoned violence against Muslims, ensuring that the story would be spread far and wide.  Little regard for slandering white men or Trump supporters or Trump personally, she needed a hook to ensure the story spread.
  So when you see reports of Muslim's being targeted or hear about how Islam is the religion of peace you can rely upon the truth probably to be 180 degrees to what is being reported.  The Muslims are required to lie, the liberals that protect them don't care if it is a lie, the only important thing in both group's minds are to further the destruction of America.
  But wait, surely this was the act of a single young woman terrified of her father? If so it runs in the family so she came by it honestly.   Her brother, Abdoul Seweid, was chaged with reporting a false incident back in 2012, claiming he was beaten by three unknown males. 
  What had happened was Abdoul and four other teenagers were caught breaking into parked cars to steal valuables.
   But the facts don't matter according to Albert Cahn, an attorney for the New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),  who claims that the girl getting caught lying was just a "twist" in the case and shouldn't take away from the legitimate claims of bias and harassment against Muslims.  And New York City reminds us that hate crimes against Muslims has doubled since Trump was elected… right.
  Here is a video of the young woman and her father leaving the courthouse after appearing in court.  They young man that throws his jacket over her head is her brother Abdoul.  The one positive thing is that the family had enough shame to punish the girl by shaving her head and making her walk without her head covering, sending a message that she didn't deserve protection from the world.
  Just remember this case when you see the pretty young Muslim girls showing up at the Capitol telling us how Muslims are peaceful and honest.  It is all propaganda.