Monday, September 26, 2016

Hysterical Opposition to SQ 777

Hysterical Opposition to SQ 777 Even in the
So Called Conservative Groups?
  I haven't needed to smack OCPAC in quite a while.  The new guy acting as the public face of the group is generally as exciting as watching paint dry but harmless enough.  But last week OCPAC came out against SQ777 and must have gotten some feedback because they were back this week with a defense of their position and one that was unusually incoherrant.

  I pulled the relevant parts out of their newsletter for discussion.  They listed three main points:

  "But wait.  Here is problem number one.  Who is going to decide what constitutes a "compelling state interest?"  The answer is the courts.  We have added a speed bump, but it is on a road over in a different branch of state government.  That branch of government is notoriously liberal.  What happens when the Oklahoma Supreme Court interprets "compelling state interest" in a progressive way that allows the Legislature to pass all kinds of onerous regulations?  By amending the state constitution and allowing the court to define the terms, we are now stuck with a high level of codified tyranny that is hard to correct.  It is not easy to amend a state constitution." 

Human Nature and the “Liberty” movement

  A few months back a "liberty" movement kind of person friended me on Facebook and it wasn't long before they added me to their group, some sort of "Oathkeepers" thing, either associated or leeching off the national group of the same name.  Generally I'm not a Facebook person, too many idiots with way too much time on their hands and an inflated opinion of themselves and their own views but what the hell, I didn't remove myself from the unwanted group and watched and listened.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Into the Mind of a Liberal

   Used to be that you would rarely see a liberal eat one of their own but the political correctness has gotten so bad that even they run afoul of the rules and suffer from a beat down.

   This video is amazing, group of Yale students surrounding some sort of supervisor of their area, complete with finger snapping as some sort of applause or indication of agreement with what the speaker is saying.   Another video then shows up showing the poor liberal supervisor pleading for the students to tell him the right words to use to apologize without further offense.  Sickening… Lord of the Flies sort of thing or right out of the Cultural Revolution where children and students chastised and executed the adults.

Konawa Tea Party: Sept Meeting

(4th) Tuesday September 27, 2016 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street

Featured Speakers:
Fish & Game - Dale Stites
OK2A - Tim Tucker
My View of Liberty - Billy Riggle

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Carry That Old Hag To the Car, Boys

Oh, Christmas Came Early!

  After all the dismissive talk over questions about Hillary’s health this video leaks out showing her propped up against a concrete pillar supported by another woman.  When the vehicle arrives the Secret Service agents know what to do as they lift Hillary by the armpits as her legs collapse and dump her in the car.  Other agents create a screen trying to shield the situation but at least one cell phone camera caught the collapse.
  Reporters following the candidate were prevented from leaving the press area as Hillary exited the 911 ceremony early.   It was reported that she stumbled while being carried to the vehicle, losing a shoe as she collapsed and was thrown into the Secret Service car.
Get ready Trump supporters.  The man is going to win and win big.

Dr. John Swails At September Meeting of Tulsa Republicans

Tulsa Republican Mens Club

The Featured Speaker will be Dr. John Swails
  • Wednesday, September 14th at 11:30 am
  • Brookside Baptist Church on Peoria Tulsa Oklahoma.

  It seems like we hardly hear anything in the media about Israel in this election cycle at all. Dr. John Swails will speak next Wednesday the 14th of September at: 3615 South Peoria at the Brookside..

Oklahoma Guardian Prepares For Publication

  The push to complete the drafts of the magazine issues for the General Election in November has begun so everyone will be focused on that project. 
   Not much will be left over for the weekly newsletter until after the November 8th election.
  If you want to volunteer there is no end of work, research, even running the printer or folding magazines a little later on in the month.

  It is looking like we will have enough funding for maybe 120,000 voters to get a copy, if all the pledges and allies come through.  That is going to take a lot of man hours to print, fold, and deliver before November 8th so please let us know if you are able to help out.

Monday, September 5, 2016


August 28th 2016 newsletter
Oklahoma Civil Asset Forfeiture still Generating Bad Press for the State
Fallin bowed to public pressure in June and halted the controversial ERAD readers that are capable of stealing information and even cash  from your debit and credit cards.  At least until OHP formulated a policy for using the legalized theft.   But others in the state including Democratic Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater refused to listen to the public and vowed to continue using the readers.
Prater has set up his own little personal army called COMIT, Central Oklahoma Metro Interdiction Team, and has been using the ERAD readers nonstop since January and has no plans on stopping.  Prater claims the devices are legitimate law enforcement tools and claims that money has been seized from cards in a small percentage of the cases and that it helps stop identity theft. 
The story goes on to show how Oklahoma has been plagued with illegally seized funds in the past and how much of a danger to privacy and property is created when law enforcement can take your cash, bank accounts, and property without even filing charges.

Shot and Killed for Being Deaf/Mute
A North Carolina trooper shot and killed a 29 year old deaf/mute man after a brief very low speed car chase.  The report states that the man was speeding on an interstate and exited the interstate near his home before pulling over to the side of the road at his home.  Eyewitnesses claim that Daniel Harris was shot and killed almost immediately after getting out of the car and that his attempt to communicate using sign language was the reason for the shooting.
A neighbor eyewitness said ”They should've deescalated and been trained to realize that this is an entirely different situation, you're pulling someone over who is deaf, they are handicapped. To me, what happened is totally unacceptable."
The trooper is on paid leave while the State Bureau of Investigation investigates.
Friends and family members say the deaf/mute man was terrified of police after earlier encounters.  I could see this happening as without a siren being heard many of us might not look back in the rear view mirror to see a cop following us.  Or perhaps the guy did and knowing he wouldn’t understand the police officer screaming orders at him he might have wanted a more public place to pull over.  Regardless, the penalty for waiting to pull over for a safe place isn’t likely summary execution in the state of North Carolina.  It was reported that both cars were damaged and that Harris’s car was spun out of control, perhaps from the trooper using his car to batter Harris’s car and that after exiting the trooper was screaming at Harris to stop and shot him when he didn’t.
One can imagine a panicked and fearful officer thinking the worst and a panicked and fearful deaf/mute suddenly finding himself under attack when the squad car hit him and spun his car around.  Then the sign language was interpreted as threatening gestures and the lack of compliance terrified the cop even more till he simply shot the unarmed man dead.
It all comes back to getting back to valuing human lives as much as the life of a public employee.  Some people probably need shooting but that is up to the justice system to decide, not a coward that is enraged that a deaf/mute man won’t obey his commands.   Until the day comes that police training and police administrators hold the bad apples accountable or until the day comes that the crazies and gang members start gunning down cops to retaliate I fear we won’t see this problem fixed.  God help us all if the gang members decide to take care of business.  Far better to proactively set policies for de escalation or backing off and waiting for backup.

…..screamed Hillary Clinton last week as she attempted to tie Donald Trump to the KKK and white supremacists in an add.  Using Trump’s popular views on immigration she attempted to paint him as a bigot and a racist.  Another attack claimed that Trump might respond to a negative social media post with a cruise missile.     They then coined a new term, “alt right” and said it was racists in suits basically, and claim that Trump has a dog whistle to summon them….  The ad shows various KKK and white supremacists endorsing Trump along with dire warnings of what Trump might do once in office.
Of course there is former Senator Robert Byrd, a renowned racist and KKK organizer/leader who was eulogized by Clinton in 2010 and called “her friend and mentor”.   Byrd got his start in politics by organizing a KKK chapter and was elected the leader.  Byrd also filibustered the Civil Rights Act for a record amount of time. 
In other interesting presidential campaign news a former Democratic strategist dumps Hillary and supports Trump.    A former Bernie Sanders supporter, the former Democrat said there are hundreds of thousands of Democrats now supporting Trump and says his motivation is that his small town once had 25 local manufactures but is now down to one due to trade imbalances.
And the national news media continued to destroy their credibility when two CNN reporters were caught faking a satellite interview despite being about six parking spots from each other.