Monday, April 4, 2016

Help! I’m a Drunk Running for Office and I need my Court Records sealed!

  Once again we see how corrupt Oklahoma County officials can be after Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill asks a judge to erase her court records for DUI.   Back in 2013 she was arrested after being found in a heavily damaged car, parked on a lawn on North McKinley Ave.    She managed to get a plea deal, her DUI charges were dismissed in 2014, and now she wants to cleanse all court records of the arrest and accepting the plea deal.

  Now this POS is actually a "Republican" that has served six terms as County Clerk and is facing a primary challenge on June 28th so she wants the DUI expunged and the records sealed, claiming her privacy is being infringed and that there are "unwarranted adverse consequences" that outweigh the voter's right to know that she is a drunk.

  Judge Thomas E. Prince, Oklahoma County District Judge, has been assigned the case.   The traffic charge of striking an unattended vehicle is to be left on the record, no doubt so Caudill can claim she side swiped a car and is being unfairly accused of driving drunk.

   Caudill escaped arrest for drunk driving a few years earlier.  A citizen had followed her to her home after she side swiped a car on the Hefner Parkway, while calling 911 to summon the police.   The police showed up, knocked on her door, but refused to force Caudill to come to the door for questioning.  State law allows for an officer to charge someone with a crime as long as there is probable cause along with a witness willing to swear to the charges.

   Judge Prince's office number is (405) 713-1133(405) 713-1133  and while the recorded message asks that you not leave a recorded message it beeps and obviously accepts voice mail.  It would be a good idea to flood Judge Prince's office with messages on Sunday night and again next week.