Monday, April 4, 2016

Oklahoma County Court Clerk Race Vote for the Democrat, Please!

  Rick Warren won the primary and faces Anastasia Pitman in the special election on Tuesday.  Pitman is a Democrat but boy, her opponent Rick Warren is a complete mess!  His real name is Richard Warren Jr. and a look at the court records shows some really ugly things about this guy and his prowess as a citizen and a "business man". 

And this appeal decision appears to be about his son perhaps?   A drunken brawl at a frat house and all of that?

Yeah, Richard Warren, AKA "Rick" Warren Jr., might be a Republican but he certainly isn't much of a businessman or a decent citizen judging from all of the liens and lawsuits.   The lein at the start of the article is the kicker, living in a house worth a million bucks and he doesn't pay the Homeowner Association fees?