Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Real ID Bill Belongs to Jeff Hickman and Mike Christian


  SB 1362 was put on hold last week thanks to Rep. John Bennett but the author transferred the legislation to the full A&B committee where it passed 19 to 6.    Holding the line were Bennett, Billy, Johnson, Russ, Sears, and Wesselhoft      

Rep. Mike Christian
    Stabbing Oklahoma privacy in the back and furthering identity theft were    Brown, Casey,Coody (A), Cox, Hoskin,  Inman , Martin,  McCall, McCullough, McDaniel (R), Morrissette,      Nelson, Ortega, Osborn, Ownbey,  Peterson,  Rousselot,  Sherrer , and  Wright   

  Earl Sears initially agreed not to hear the bill but Speaker Hickman and Gov. Fallin applied pressure on him and he folded and placed the bill on the schedule.

Jeff Hickman, Speaker
  Other groups ask that you call Speaker Hickman and ask him to place the bill on the schedule.  (405) 557-7339(405) 557-7339  or email him @ jwhickman@okhouse.gov

  But even better is to call the author of the bill, Rep. Mike Christian, and ask him if he really wants to be the Sheriff of Oklahoma County or does he want to carry water for the State Chamber of Commerce and the Governor.  mike.christian@okhouse.gov   (405) 557-7371(405) 557-7371 .

  Christian can kill the bill or allow it to be modified to keep data from Oklahoman taxpayers here in the state and not shared around the world and subject to identity theft.  The deadline is nowhere near for state compliance and even if we refuse to go biometric photos and share the data with the feds you can still board an airplane and enter a federal building despite the lies being told by supporters of the bill.