Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Where are the burquas when one is really needed?

  At least that is what some of these legislators remind me of, hiding in the slime, just out of sight under the murky water, waiting for their prey to come down to get a drink.   Senator Stephanie "Jihad Jane" Bice is trying to tighten the noose around Oklahoma tax payers for purchase made OUTSIDE of Oklahoma.  

Sen. Stephanie Bice
  Senate Bill 1301 would place an huge regulatory burden on out of state companies, requiring them to send each Oklahoma customer a statement telling them the annual purchases and the amount of tax that is due to the state of Oklahoma.  Never mind that the U.S. Supreme Court has already knocked down the same such nonsense, calling it against free interstate trade.

  But the Senate has already passed Jihad Jane's bill and so has a House subcommittee.   Bice believes that Oklahomans ought to cough up an additional 150 million per year in taxes despite the items being purchased out of state and from non Oklahoma companies.  Jihad Jane is under the impression that the citizen's money is her money. 

  That might work in Iran where her family is from but Oklahomans are already ignoring the Use tax law that Jihad Jane thinks obligates them.

  Another set of idiots in the House are pushing HB 2531, attempting to force out of state retailers to collect Oklahoma sales tax.  And yes it is an idiot Republican from Enid, Chad Caldwell, that is the author of the bill.  Caldwell thinks he can force Amazon to pay up but other legislators are a bit less arrogant and informed and agree that it would take a federal law to force out of state retailers to collect the tax.