Monday, April 4, 2016

Troubling New Development in the Lavoy Finicum Shooting

   We predicted that the Oregon standoff would not end well and we also kept quiet in the aftermath of the killing of Lavoy Finicum, waiting for the authorities to investigate the matter.  Initially the shooting was justified by state investigators, then information came out about the FBI shooters lying and covering up some of the shots fired.

  One of the videos at the links above syncs the cell phone video taken inside the truck with the FBI helicopter video but they suspend the inside video shortly before the truck hits the snow bank and stops.  Finicum is shown outside the vehicle with his hands held out to his sides before reaching for his left side, giving the state troopers an excuse to execute him.  The investigation claimed that there was a 9mm pistol in Finicum's left jacket pocket.

  The problem being two things, first Finicum carried a 45 caliber pistol and second that Finicum is right handed.  It would be impossible for a right handed person to retrieve a pistol from a left pocket without using his left hand to remove the pistol and transferring to the right hand.

  The video evidence suggests little other than Finicum reaching toward his left side, perhaps after being struck by a bullet if the cops were firing at Finicum.  Were they?

  The segment of the inside video that was suppressed has came out and it shows a rifle round hitting the roof of the truck and shattering the left side rear passenger window while Finicum is standing right outside the truck with his hands held high.  This is one of the FBI shots that the state investigators found were NOT reported by FBI shooters at the scene.

  The entire fiasco was ill planned and ill advised in my opinion, yet the fact remains that a suspect was standing outside with his arms raised in submission so why did the FBI fire at him?  Earlier in the video it shows a bright red laser dot on the roof of the vehicle as the vehicle was stopped, prior to Finicum driving away.  The angle of the trajectory of the bullet proves that the shot came from high above, most likely from the helicopter overhead as the sniper would have had to been a hundred feet high or more to go through the roof and out the window.

  The occupation of the federal building was ill planned and stupid and the authorities had the  right to end the occupation in a peaceful manner.  That doesn't include cold blooded murder.