Sunday, April 9, 2017

What the Hell Are Oklahoma County Voters Thinking?

April 9th 2017 Newsletter 

What the Hell are Oklahoma County Voters Thinking?

And a $50,000,000.00 Fix for the Budget Deficit

Tuesday wasn't all bad, Todd Stone beat out liar Richard Morrissette for City Council in OKC, reversing the primary vote percentages that got them into the run off. Yes, STP ran newspapers down into that part of Oklahoma County but an even larger part was Morrissette lying about three or four things that were just so easy to check like if Stone was an Oklahoma County resident or not.

Politicians like Morrissette depend on voters being too stupid or too careless to bother fact checking them but this time he was up against an opponent that had a good mailer budget and had responses printed and mailed out the last Friday before the election.

But Mike Christian losing the sheriff race? To a nearly 80 year old fart that has been part of the problem at the jail for nearly two decades? Did the voters not know that the under sheriff runs the jail in day to day operations and was as responsible as Whetsel the Weasel for the deaths, embezzled funds, stolen or missing property?

Of course the Oklahoman wasn't reporting that a week before the election the nearly 80 year old man was first in the emergency room on Monday and then in surgery on Tuesday, a week before the election and hadn't be at work in over ten days.  Mark our words; we will be having another special election before long.

Mike ran a good race, was working right up till the end, and it was likely the Oklahoman that ruined his chances to win due to the constant attacks for some really silly stuff that others had done about 19 years ago. Now no one believes the Oklahoman is a credible news source, I had people tell me after the election that watching the Oklahoman go after Christian led to them voting for Christian but sadly that wasn't the case in the majority of the precincts. Pretty much everyone understands that the Oklahoman is the pit bull for the liberal and liberal Republican forces and the tall building crowd in OKC.

It wasn't that many years ago that state government went to the Oklahoman and forced them to fire their editor for being too partisan or face their stories being listed as campaign donations for the politicians they were shilling for. Of course the value of a single hit piece going after a politician statewide would be far in excess of the allowed per politician campaign donation meant they would be violating the law. The Oklahoman fired the editor and behaved for a few years.

Then they cut loose again in 2010 when they went after three Christian men that were from Windsor Hills Baptist Church for the crime of running for City Council. The story headlined about the church teaching kids to use automatic weapons at their summer camp but when you got to the very end of the story, buried back on page thirty, you read that a game warden had given a gun safety class and he demonstrated an AR-15 at the end of the demonstration. And a salacious allegation by one crazy former church member.

Then about that same time it became obvious that the Oklahoman knew about the Senator Harry Coats affair in August but withheld the story on the infidelity and corruption peddling of Coats banging the lobbyist and knocking her up. After the November election they wrote about it and the reason that Gov. Henry had to veto that prison contract that the lobbyist had Coats shepard through the Capitol.