Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bloody Mary and the End of the Legislative Session

Last Week in the Legislative Session

  Wild, simply wild…we saw Bloody Mary veto a popular anti abortion bill, the House narrowly refuse to pass a massive tobacco tax, faced the specter of sales taxes being added to services, saw a massive new tax on car tags, the veto of a popular vaccine information bill, and the preservation of fat cat tax credits while the poor lost some of their earned income tax.

  Increasingly we saw the incoming Speaker Designate Charles McCall calling the shots.  I suppose there is a sort of loyalty among legislators that respects anyone that can buy into the system and what is bought stays bought absent serious opposition.

  A lot could be written but in the end one thing is going to matter to the legislators next week; who has the power and inclination to hold them accountable?

  The Sooner Tea Party has been preparing.   We have a fresh voter vault set up that can be used to support opposition candidates in punishing the corrupt politicians.  Our long standing plans to be able to produce a magazine in house, in smaller numbers than the 10,000 copies of newspaper is going to be realized before the end of May.  Coupled with the primary voter data from the voter vault we will be able to target primary voters with laser precision, lowering our costs when exposing corrupt voting records to those voters that actually show up at primary elections.

  Our goal is contacting 200,000 Oklahoma voters in the primary, primary run off, and general elections.  Given that a lot of races will be decided by a few thousand voters in the primary that will enable us to turn the primary elections into  Russian roulette odds for those House members that accepted McCall's bribes/campaign donations.

  So the legislators are on notice.  Vote with care next week.  The 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index will out within days of the close of session.  We will have the ability to print around 500 magazines per hour, a process that will be limited only by the ability of volunteers that are willing to distribute the magazine to the primary voters.  It is the year of the insurgent candidate as the population is fed up with liars and the corrupt.