Monday, February 22, 2016

Comrade Sykes Defends Corruption at the Capitol

Anthony Sykes Blocking the Loveless Anti Civil Forfeiture Legislation

 Sykes is Charlie Meadow’s fair haired boy, voted the second most conservative senator by OCPAC yet he is actively blocking SB 1189 from being heard in his committee.   The jerk needs a message from the citizens and Charlie Meadows needs to be asked why he puts up with this.

Here is Sykes’s  face book page, 
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  According to this Sooner Poll, most 70% of Oklahomans support this legislation but the push back is coming from law enforcement agencies that are funding police salaries and perks from the stolen funds.  

  Forbes did an excellent article on this issue and why the corrupt police agencies and District Attorneys are fighting so hard to buck public opinion on this issue.  In the Forbes story there are links to Oklahoma Auditor reports stating that college loans were repaid using forfeiture money and one District Attorney lived in a home rent free with thousands of dollars in utility payments and even repair payments paid out of forfeiture funds.  The IRS was not notified of the tax free compensation to the D.A. until the Auditors Office caught the illegal acts.