Monday, February 22, 2016

Comrade Yen Marches on Forced Vaccination

 Bill to be heard on Monday

  Comrade Yen and Senate leadership hit a wall at Health and Human Services so they transferred SB 1478 to the Senate Education committee and the bill will be heard on Monday February 22nd at 9 am.

  The anti vaccination group is asking for people to show up at 7:30 am at the Governor's Hall on the 2nd floor in the Southwest corner of the Capitol building where they will pass out information that can be given to committee members before the committee meeting.

  You should also immediately email and all of these Education Committee member to remind them that this is an election year and do they want the Republican Party going into a tough election with an attack on parental rights on their record.

  The anti vaccination group wants you to remind the Senators that teachers and school employees do not have up to date vaccinations, that one missed exemption for a child means that child is counted as an unvaccinated child so the Health Department is not being honest with the legislators on this issue.

  A major thing to point out is that kids are not being vaccinated the way they were as a child.  Since the 40's there were only three vaccination for kids, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough) or DTP vaccine, then polio vaccine was added in the 50's, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine was added in the 70's(MMR vaccine).

  Only three shots were most likely given to these Senators, the DTP, MMR, and polio vaccine.

  And what are kids exposed to today?  Forty nine vaccinations of 14 types before the kids turn six years old.   Basically as the pharmaceutical companies churn out new vaccines they pay lobbyists to get the new vaccines added to the schedule, adding billions to their profits.

  Here is a list of committee members in an email block.  Put it in the Bcc portion of your email and leave the send to blank so each Senator thinks it is a separate email to them only.  Send multiple emails if you have the time to add to the flood of emails into their offices.

  Take the time to call these senators tonight and leave a voicemail or start calling in the morning and keep at it until all of them have answered or you have left a message.  If you have the time call them a second or third time to add to the flood of calls:
  • Senator John Ford – Chair - 521-5634 (405) 521-5634    Republican, Ford is term limited out but remind him he has to live and work in his community after his terms is up.
  • Senator Ron Sharp - Vice Chair - 521-5539 (405) 521-5539   A liberal Republican, Sharp is up for re election this year so remind him that he will meet a primary challenger if he opposes parental and religious rights.
  • Senator Josh Brecheen - - (405) 521-5586 (405) 521-5586   Ought to be an ally, up for re election in 2018.
  • Senator J.J. Dossett - - (405) 521-5566405) 521-5566   A Democrat that just won a special election so he will have to run for re election this summer and will face hard opposition by a Repubican candidate.
  • Senator Earl Garrison - - (405) 521-5533 (405) 521-5533  Another Democrat and termed out this year.
  • Senator Jim Halligan - halligan@oksenate.gov405.521.5572 405.521.5572   A Republican that faces election this year.  Tell him that a vote against parental and religious rights will earn him a primary challenge.
  • Senator Clark Jolley - - (405) 521-5622 (405) 521-5622   A Republican weasel that is termed out this year.  Remind him that his political career is over with if he doesn't support parental and religious rights.
  • Senator Susan Paddack - - (405) 521-5541 (405) 521-5541   A Democrat that is termed out this year.
  •  Senator Marty Quinn - - (405) 521-5555 (405) 521-5555   First term Republican senator, up for election again in 2018.  Remind him of the consequences of his vote.
  •  Senator Wayne Shaw - - (405) 521-5574 (405) 521-5574   Republican, up for election this summer.  Warn him of a primary challenge if he votes wrong.
  •  Senator Jason Smalley - - (405) 521-5547 (405) 521-5547   Republican, up for re election in 2018.
  •  Senator Gary Stanislawski -stanislawski@oksenate.gov405.521.5624 405.521.5624  Republican, up for re election this year.  Warn him of a primary challenge if he doesn't do the right thing.
  •  Senator Roger Thompson -  - (405) 521-558  Republican, up for re election in 2018.