Monday, February 29, 2016

Predicting A Trump Sweep On Super Tuesday

Trump is going to Sweep Super Tuesday

  Polls are showing Trump up between 5 and 20 points in the upcoming Tuesday election.  The Cruz defenders are getting very bitter in the waning days so even they see the signs of a huge upset coming.  Trump has a lot of faults and he isn't a very nice person but if he does half of what he says he is going to try then he will go down as one of our greatest presidents.  Just cleaning out the illegals and stopping the flow of Muslims is going to give us time to clean up a lot of other problems.  But how about a Sooner Tea Party Poll on the presidential primary? 
Just click on the link for your guy, only the top three contenders are listed as the rest of them have zero chance.

Council on Foreign Relations
and Ted Cruz

  We have Donald Trump to thank for making illegal immigration one of the cornerstone issues of the 2016 presidential election but in fact Trump is messing with a much more broad and devious plan to strip  sovereignty  from the states and bring the U.S., Mexico, and Canada into a European Union style organization. 

  The plan is called the North American Union and it is being pushed by the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations.   This would mean open borders, more criminal aliens entering the U.S., and the authority to overrule the state and federal court decisions.  There are plans for a North American Trade Tribunal and a Charter of Fundamental Human Rights for North America and the media isn't publicizing the long time project because the majority of Democrats and Republicans are backing the plan.

  Initialy envisioned during the George W. Bush administration the policy has been pushed by Obama and might well be pushed by Ted Cruz if he winds up as president.   Sounds crazy if you believe what Cruz says about it but we need to know that Heidi Cruz, Ted's wife, was a member of the  CFR and even was a panel member on the group that put the plan together!

  Heidi Cruz was an investment banker while she was a member of the CFR Task Force in 205 that developed the "North American Community" plan.   The plan calls for billions invested to bring Mexico society up to U.S. and Canada standards, creates a North American Border Pass to ease the entrance of Mexicans into the U.S., and expands the temporary worker programs.  Cruz himself is on record stating that the CFR is a {pernicious nest of snakes that is working to undermine our sovereignty" yet when a reporter points out that his wife was one of the members that wrote the plan Cruz discounts it as people "attacking his wife".

  Heidi Cruz worked for the Bush White House under  Condoleezza Rice, as the Director of the Latin American Office at the U.S. Treasury, and worked for J.P. Morgan in New York City prior to working with the Bushes. These days she is a managing director of Goldman Sachs in Houston, on leave while her husband runs for president.

  Elections are critical so please everyone get out and support Donald Trump on Tuesday.  He has the courage to do what is needed and can self finance the General election unlike Cruz or Rubio who will have to sell out to the highest bidder in order to beat Hillary or Sanders.