Monday, February 29, 2016

Comrade Yen Gets his Communist Butt Kicked at the Capital

  Last week we unleashed a torrent of phone call and emails against SB 1478, Senator Yen's plan to subrogate parental rights and force vaccinations upon children in an effort to benefit a tiny minority of children that cannot be vaccinated.    

  The argument that unvaccinated kids endangered vaccinated kids fell flat on its face so Yen switched his appeal to protect a handful of immune compromised kids, arguing that parents ought to subject their kids to 49 injections of 14 vaccines prior to six years of age to protect those that can't take the vaccine shots.  Heck Yen, don't stop there Comrade.  Taking the other kids out and shooting them in a ditch also protects this handful of kids from getting sick, right?

  But Comrade Yen got his butt handed to him on a Senate committee vote that was narrowly defeated.  Democrats Dossett, Garrison, and Paddack voted for the bill along with Republicans Sharp, Halligan and Ford.  Liza Greve of Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice was able to snap a picture of the vote as there were no recorded votes published

  One of those Yes votes was Senator JJ Dossett of Owasso.  Dossett defeated the Republican candidate in that Senate race, ending a decade's long run of Republican domination in that district.   Former Senator Brinkley, arrested and charged with embezzling over a million dollars from the Better Business Bureau had led most of the area citizens to renounce the Republican Party.  The Senate didn't help matters after they refused to sanction Brinkley after the arrest.

Sequoyah County Town Hall/Debate
Set for March 3rd

  Republican State Representative John Bennett has accepted the debate challenge for the March 3rd event at the Seminar Room at the Indian Capital Vo Tech Center which is located across the street from the UPS facility.  The event starts at 6:30 pm and will run till 8 pm.  And just like happened in 2010 when John Bennett offered to debate the then incumbent Glen Bud Smithson, the Democratic challenger is refusing to show up for the debate!

  So we ran the following ad in the county wide newspaper, set to come out on Wednesday morning the day before the Thursday debate:

  Come on down to Sallisaw if you have the time on Thursday night and show your support for Representative John Bennett.

Sheriff Whetsel Announces another Term Despite his Advanced Age

  Whetsel once again proves what we have always said about him, he can't afford to turn loose of the tiger's tail until he finds someone sure to retain the job.  After all these years there are probably far too many bones buried to allow an outsider to walk into office without some assurances of protection.

  Whetsel is as liberal of a politician as you will find.    One example is this mug shot of a recently arrested Muslim wearing the full head gear down at Whetsel's jail booking department.   Now if you are a U.S. citizen, there are no hats, no hair weaves, no wigs allowed.   But a Muslim, well, bend over backwards and protect those campaign donations at all costs.  No drivers license, probably here illegally, and Whetsel set her free.   Allah Ackbar Sheriff Whetsel.  

Tulsa County Sheriff Race Recommendation

  The race is getting brutal up there but a clear choice has emerged and that is causing acts of desperation including sign theft including one uniformed deputy getting caught on tape stealing signs.  One of the front runners is Tom Helm, the Chamber of Commerce favorite, with strong ties to cronies still left in the Tulsa County Sheriff Department despite the purge of officers after the scandal broke over the reserve deputy program and the shooting of the suspect by a reserve officer.

  Local conservative activists say that Jason Jackson is the guy for the job.  Jason has been endorsed by the Gun Owners Association and by the  CSPOA, the Constitutional Sheriff group ran by Sheriff Mack.   
  Another strongly financed candidate is Vic Regalado and those donations are raising eyebrows as one quarter of all funding appears to come from some employees of modest means working for ISTI Plant Services, an out of county company out of Rogers County.   Senior management and a laundry list of lower ranking employees have given nearly maxed out contributions, close to 5% of their home's value, unprecedented for an out of county donor that can't vote or benefit from the winner of the Sheriff race.

  Candidate Tom Helm has some very unsavory ties to the Tulsa Sheriff Office including the man running his campaign, Aaron Moody.  Moody and another deputy named Devoe are named in this affidavit from a federal lawsuit that has been going on for five years.  In the affidavit Aaron Moody's wife describes the beating of black inmates by white deputies under the leadership of one Captain Huckeby.  Huckeby is rumored to be a close ally of Tom Helm and the affidavit paints Huckeby as a horrendous racist.  There are accusations of black deputies facing discrimination, improper record keeping and falsifying reports, smuggling in of contraband by the deputies as a profit making enterprise, affairs and trysts occurring between deputies and inmates.    Captain Huckeby and Devoe were said to use the "N" word constantly to refer to both inmates and black deputies.

  The affidavit describes using the jail cameras to zoom in on Captain Huckeby having sex with other deputies in the parking lot and a description of what was called "Huckababes", female deputies that were or were willing to have sex with Captain Huckeby.  The affidavit writer admits that she herself was in this group along with other married couples on the list.  Sexual misbehavior was called "rampant" in the jail and it is alleged that Tom Helm's cronies knew of it, participated in the activity, and there was never any disciplinary action.

  The affidavit was part of a federal lawsuit and is duly notarized and signed.  If the allegations are true Tom Helm ought not to be elected and the new sheriff needs to clean house once he is elected.