Monday, February 20, 2017

Richard Morrissette Is A Lying sack

 Richard Morrissette is a Lying Sack of …..

  Former House Member Richard Morrissette show what an absolute lying sack of …Fallin… he is in a post card mailing that landed this last Monday.  The bright yellow oversize post card was mailed only to Republican primary voters in Ward 4 Oklahoma city and boy did he tell some doozies about his opponent, Republican Todd Stone.

  First he attacks his Republican opponent for attending the University at Berkley California, not mentioning that it was a two day seminar that his opponent attended on fiber optic networks at the request of his employer.

  Then Morrissette claimed that his Republican opponent didn't live in Oklahoma City while knowing full well that nearly a quarter of Oklahoma City Ward 4 voter's mail comes through Norman post offices.  There are many that have Choctaw mailing addresses as well but are Oklahoma City voters.

  Morrissette then claims that his opponent is a liberal from a liberal family.   Todd Stone is a long term registered Republican and while his son Shane is a Democrat; Shane had the highest conservative score of all the Democrat House members (82 points out of 100) and was the ninth highest scoring legislator out of the 101 total House members.  Shane Stone is anything but liberal.

  Any man that would lie like this ought not to be fit to pick up road kill for the state much less be a city councilman.   Back in 2006 Morrissette showed up at my door asking for my vote and I ordered him off my property and let him know that I wouldn't be voting for a damned liberal Democrat.  It is true that Morrissette had a 61 on his RINO score but that was because of SEVEN walked votes that cost him only minus 17.5 points instead of the 35 points it would have cost him had he voted for the bills and voted wrong.

  Richard Morrissette is a man without honor and deserves to lose his April 4th runoff election against Stone.