Sunday, February 12, 2017

Coming soon: Another Head On a Stick

Coming Soon
Another Head on a Stick
Maybe a Whole Row of Heads on Sticks

Last week we set in motion an investigation into a truly horriffic nest of corruption and inhumanity, something so sordid and shocking that we had to first take the case to authorities before publishing the story. 

Our initial investigation started several monthis back and culminated in a taped account of the sordid tale, and in less than 24 hours both parties have cooroberated the story to the authorities and we believe that the department responsible for the mess has been notified of the investigation.  We have taken the rare step of holding our story back to give the authorities time to move and secure the evidence but we gave them till next Friday to act after which we are going public with the story.

So far we have been impressed with the speed at which they moved and it looks like the allegations are being taken seriously.  Regardless, the cat comes out of the bag next Friday and the authorities will have only themselves to blame if the culprit hasn't been arrested and the evidence secured