Sunday, February 19, 2017

Comrade Yen's SB83 Forces Immunization of Your Children

Comrade Yen, Comrade Cannaday, Comrade Bush, and Comrade Smalley

Comrade Yen's SB 83 Forces Immunization of Children
Gang of Four Pushes the Communist Agenda

  Comrade Yen's SB 83 comes up for a vote in committee on Monday at the HHS committee room.   His goal is to force all children to obtain vaccination, over eighty vaccinations at the last count, some of which have proven to be not only dangerous but ineffective with the vast majority of breakouts occurring solely within vaccinated people.  There is more than enough evidence that the vaccinations of some diseases are all that is keeping the disease circulating around the population.

  Comrade Yen's bill would remove the religious exemption as well as the medical exemption, forcing children to take the vaccination even if their doctors believe that the vaccination will harm the child.
And Comrade Yen has new converts that are pushing similar legislation.  A new gang of four, Yen, Smalley, Bush, and Cannaday are all pushing legislation designed to strip parental rights away and instill more state control over children.

  SB 93 by Senator Smalley (AKA Small Hands Smalley) which would include the withholding of controversial medical care procedures in the list of child abuse laws.

  SB 93 Senator Smalley, child abuse medical care religious, HB922 Ed Cannaday and Carol Bush out of court testimony under 13 years old in neglect cases.   The right of a defendant to face their accuser in a court of law is crucial for justice as prosecutors, investigators, and social workers are all trained to lie and deceive in order to get convictions.  Rep. Carol Bush of course is the liberal that ran as a Republican and is hell bent on causing as much damage as possible before she is booted out in the next primary. Ed Cannaday is a long time liberal Democrat so it is no surprise to see the ugliest woman in the legislature cozying up to a liberal Democrat. 

  Below are  the Senators that are on the committee that will either pass or fail Comrade Yen's legislation.  Give them a call anytime today or tonight as the phone recorder will catch the call.  Email them too and read them the riot act and remind them that Oklahomans are independent, not communists.  Tell them to vote NO on SB 83 and the other bad bills listed above.