Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mary Had A Little Lamb

  Is that a finger gun Todd?  Ought to just point it at your head and complete the picture

Mary Had a Little Lamb

  Do politicians really think that the average voter is so stupid that they will believe the lies they spin?  Last week we saw Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb come out just a swinging at Fallin over the billions in new taxes that C.B. plans on saddling Oklahomans with.  C.B. is short for Crazy Bitch.

  Lamb of course sat in on the meetings that laid out the budget plan and the State of the State speech that Fallin gave.  Lamb of course introduced Fallin at the ceremonies and sat right there behind her while the C.B. laid out her insane tax policies.   And applauded her while she did it.  Yet Todd Lamb was silent as the silence of the lambs.

  But then Gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson releases a video showing what Fallin and Lamb were advocating and all of a sudden Mary's Little Lamb panics and realizes just how insane passing three billion dollars a year in new taxes is going to look.  Actually Mary's Little Lamb most likely didn't recognize the significance of his part in all of this until he got a panicked call from his political consultant so they hatched the plan to break with C.B..

  Now there is ignorant and then there is stupid.  Ignorant means you simply don't know any better but probably should.  Stupid is when you aren't self aware enough to realize the stupidity of your actions or plans and don't have the mental capacity to think through the consequences of both.
  But then Todd Lamb sat silent for over a month, knowing full well that C.B. was going to spring billions of dollars in new taxes upon hardworking Oklahomans and he stayed silent.

  But poor Mary Fallin.   Ditched by the Lt. Governor, ditched by Trump, heck, even her hubby is rumored to have a new girlfriend that is so much younger and so much more pretty if you are to believe the rumors.  The C.B.'s plans of screwing over the sheep in Oklahoma in return for a cushy Trump team job seems to have evaporated but she soldiers on believing that someone will see her treachery for what it is and offer her a job in Washington D.C. come January of 2019.