Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pollard Faces Heavy Opposition After RNC Reprimand

From the  February 5th 2017 newsletter 

GOP Chairman Pam Pollard Facing
Heavy Opposition after RNC Reprimand

  Pam Pollard won her GOP Chairman post not because of popular support within the party; she won because she was the lesser of evils once the Sooner Tea Party took Estela Hernandez out with the video of her and her husband employing illegal aliens.  That October 2015 day Hernandez brought dozens of supporters up on stage for her pitch speech, Pollard had only two people willing to walk up on stage with her, and the only other candidate, and elderly conservative man, made the mistake of spending his time literally crying on stage over the nasty mailers that had been sent out stating the truth about both of the flawed women running for GOP chairman.

  Pollard didn't win out right and Hernandez could have pressed a runoff vote but she could see there was no way to win so she folded.  Pollard won the GOP position without winning a plurality of the votes that day.

  But she was never really accepted as a legitimate chairman.  People simply didn't like her or believe in anything she was doing.   Her funding dried up, getting perilously close to closing the doors late last year, only to be propped up by the donor class trying to salvage anything after the Trump train roared over the RINO camp.

  Then in Washington D.C. , according to a former RNC employee, Pollard was soundly criticized and told in no uncertain words to shut up, shape up, or you are history.   Particularly she was taken to task over her amazing treachery against Oklahoma County Sheriff candidate Mike Christian.  Pollard was one of two people that could have leaked a GOP reprimand letter aimed at Mike Christian, reprimanding Christian for something that Pollard had given permission to do in an open meeting.

  Pollard limps back to the state, ego battered and dejected, only to find that a vast coalition has sprung up against her, running from NE Oklahoma down to the Texas border along the I-44 corridor and flaring out in Southwester Oklahoma over past I-35. Numerous County GOP leaders are backing a mystery candidate with the idea of putting Pollard out to pasture at the State GOP Convention.