Sunday, February 12, 2017

We Get To Say We Told You So

February 12th 2017 Newsletter

We Get to Say We Told You So…

Last week we saw the conclusion of the "investigation" at the Capitol in all its glory with a Democrat legislator thrown under the bus as a sacrifice so the Charles McCall could say it was the Democrats too and a lot of sound and fury and flatulence but no vote to censor Rep. Dan Kirby or remove him from his position.    House leadership made the decision to not poke a wounded bear and are standing with their hands on their hips but not saying "boo" and allowing Kirby to exit on his own time frame.  Why?

Because Kirby has his own set of text messages and a vast knowledge of dirt on the hard partying legislators that find themselves away from the wife and feeling invulnerable in a far away town.  Kirby went on the Pat Campbell Show on Tulsa radio station KFAQ and gave his version of the "investigation" and the allegations.

One write up of the radio interview was kind enough to credit The Sooner Tea Party for telling the same story that Kirby told on the air; an office environment poisoned by former state rep Randy Grau possibly to set up a lucrative settlement for Grau's rumored girlfriend, Hollie Bishop, who was working for Kirby.  Kirby claims that Grau's extensive visiting with his ex legislative assistant who had gone to work for Kirby was the butt of jokes at the Capitol.

Kirby then went on to buttress our claim that the 2015 sexual harassment charges were retribution against Kirby with Grau acting in collusion with Holly Bishop.  Indeed, our sources were claiming that Grau had coached Bishop on filing the initial complaint with House HR department.  Grau had previously had to fire Bishop as his legislative assistant due to pressure from Grau's wife.  Grau even filed for divorce but retracted the filing in about three days.

 The pod cast is worth the time to listen to it and Kirby lays out a powerful and cohesive case that backed up our sources on the story which we had been telling since late December of 2016.  You can listen to the Pat Campbell pod cast of the Kirby interview here.