Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Bitch Is Crazy

 The Bitch is Crazy

You know…. long ago I promised one of our original founders that I'd respect the more gentle types and the more uptight Christian types and refrain from using profanity on the newsletter.  But sometimes you just have to resort to profanity to get the point across and this is one of those times.  And hearing that Governor Mary Fallin has proposed to charge sales taxes upon services instead of cutting bloated government earns her the distinction of her new nickname:  Crazy Bitch.

Now rumor has it that hubby Wade has a new girl friend and isn't being discrete about it at all according to the rumors so perhaps Fallin is having a meltdown but really, the bitch is crazy…the Republican establishment just got their butts handed to them by Donald Trump and Miss Mary believes she can float a 2.735 billion dollar tax increase on Oklahoma?   And she is insane enough to let her boy toy Preston Poo-flinger (AKA PP) float the idea of passing the massive sales taxes on services without a supermajority of the House and Senate as required by our Constitution?

The bitch is stark raving mad.  If House and Senate leadership thinks the bucket of poo that PP flung up on the Capitol lobby wall is going to stick those bitches are stark raving mad too.

We got it, the crazy bitch is term limited but those legislators that have to vote for this nearly three billion dollars in new taxes are not all term limited and the ones that are term limited have to go home to their districts and run a business or practice a profession so they are going to face some really, really, unhappy citizen if taxes are raised.

Does this crazy bitch not understand that the working class and middle class has been ground into the dirt since 2008? Does she not understand that people's budgets are past stretched, that Obama Care rates doubled on January 1st and even those not using the Obama Care exchange had 100% premium increases?  Does this crazy bitch not understand that to ask the legislators to pass taxes while ignoring three times that amount in corporate welfare tax credits amounts to political suicide?

Fallin laid out 164 services she wants to charge state, county, and city sales taxes on including anything construction related, contracted services, carpet cleaning, business and legal services, pet grooming, cable TV and internet services, utilities for homes, funeral services, medical and dental services, and many more. 

Fallin also wants to eliminate corporate income taxes, bone thrown to the lobbyists and corporations that actually run the state. She also proposed increasing the tobacco tax by $1.50 per pack and raised gasoline taxes by 58%.  In all her increased and new taxes would total 2.735 billion dollars per year.  To offset the increased taxation Fallin proposes to cut the state sales tax on groceries but not the city or county taxes on groceries which would return 235 million dollars or about 8% of the proposed tax increases.  As Charley Meadows might say "That's mighty white of you Mary."

   Taxes would be charged on car washes, insurance policies of all types, tow truck services, online downloads, pool cleaning, car leases, diaper services, mortgage services, banking and investment services, life insurance, health insurance, rent and lease payments,  cemetery plots, dry cleaning, tire repair, veterinary services,  trucking services, travel and travel services, royalties, investments, barber shops and beauty shops, advertising, employment services, movies, dance studios, hospital services, dialysis services, home health care, tattoos, job training, day care for children and seniors, nursing care, research, banks and  credit unions and many, many more services.

   Literally every single transaction, service, or purchase of any kind is on the table.  What isn't on the table is the billions of dollars in corporate welfare and direct tax credits given to those who could afford a lobbyist.   And of course eliminating corporate income taxes so that the rich get richer, the middle class disappears, and the poor get poorer.

   What is not on the table are the hundreds of useless agencies and commissions that suck up tax dollars and serve only to protect monopolies or industries from facing competition.
   What is not on the table are lobbyists payments and political contributions or gifts and means given to legislators to influence their votes or the expensive all expenses paid junkets around the country.  Or the corporate welfare programs like the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Act that is well used by the Thunder basketball team owners.

Donald Trump is poised to save the Republican Party if he hasn't already but this crazy bitch is going to gut the Oklahoma Republican Party if her schemes to raise three billion dollars in taxes goes through.  Terry White down at DHS needs to get this crazy woman some medication and find her a room at Vinita or get one of her numerous Medicaid contractors to wrap the menopausal mental retard in a nice white jacket and cart her off to a nice padded room.