Monday, February 27, 2017

Pam Pollard Under Investigation?

Pam Pollard Under Investigation?
Allegations of Misappropriated Funds and Sloppy Bookkeeping

Rumors of allegations of mishandling and misappropriating earmarked funds has settled upon Oklahoma GOP Chairman Pam Pollard's head this week.   Sources claim that funds from the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women and from the Lankford Get out the Vote effort were misdirected to pay for salaries and utilities and other overhead items despite specific arrangements for the use of the money.  

Rumors of an FEC investigation as the money was directed at the Presidential Campaign  and allegations that a certain local District Attorney was also looking into the matters was circulating as well. 

The OFRW allegations appear to have been settled and paid back and were blamed on sloppy bookkeeping and mismanagement but Pollard has bragged to anyone that will listen of her CPA credentials so the sloppy bookkeeping appears to be a canard.

The pressure was building because by Tuesday Pam Pollard was telling her staff that she was NOT going to run and had threatened to quit numerous times that week.  Lest this be considered a case of Dan Kirby syndrome Pollard is said to be a non drinker and completely sober when she made the threats.

Since then reports have filtered in about politicians and group leaders are refusing to meet alone with Pam Pollard as they are anxious not to get pulled into the morass. 

One source is claiming that the situation will be more solid next week as they expect things to shake out quickly and the allegations to become public or dismissed.  Meanwhile a Tulsan by the name of John Aery has thrown his hat into the ring to unseat Pam Pollard at the State Convention.   Aery appears to be a consumate RINO and establishment figure so many are hoping that other candidates show up before the filing deadline.