Monday, November 7, 2016


  This election is unlike any that we have ever seen and no one is going to be able to really predict the outcome on Tuesday night.  
  • Donald Trump appears to be headed for a landslide if the polls are accurate and if these same polls have under represented Republican voters.  The size of the crowds at Trump rallies, the lack of enthusiasm from Hilldebeast's supporters, and the torrent of negative and misleading news stories all show that the liberals and RINOs are crapping their drawers over the outcome of the election.  If Trump wins he will likely carry the Senate with him and Republicans ought to retain the House.
  •   Here in Oklahoma all the signs are showing Oklahoma County Whetsel going down in defeat.  His supporters are as shrill and vicious as always but there are a lot fewer of them and Whetsel's large donors are fewer.  Whetsel spent a few dollars on radio ads and some negative spots, past that, not much spending which shows he is conserving his cash for legal fees.  We were at the Wednesday County Commissioner's meeting and Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater left nothing to the imagination as to Whetsel's future; either by an Oklahoma County Grand Jury or by a Multi County Grand Jury Sheriff John Whetsel is facing criminal prosecution. The County Commissioners refused to oust the Sheriff with Brian Maughn doing the right thing and the other two being too cowardly to act.  Ray Vaughn had placed the item on the agenda then refused to attend, claiming knee surgery, and Wilma Johnson used that as an excuse to postpone the discussion of ouster for one week, one day after the election.
  The magazine drop went well.  Around 50,000 voters received a magazine with the voter guide and a dozen other stories on Oklahoma politics.  It was too hectic getting everything done and little was done on the newsletter this week as a result but we will tell the story of what went down next week.

  Everyone hope and pray for our country.  Get out to vote on Tuesday and check on your friends and family to make sure they have voted.  This is going to be a historic election and our one last chance to back the U.S. away from a precipice.