Thursday, November 3, 2016

Another Monstrous Case of Brutality out of John Whetsel’s Oklahoma County Jail

   A few weeks ago an impassioned plea came out for justice for a woman that was brutalized in the Oklahoma County Jail.

   Here is the email that was sent, edited for profanity for those that might be opening the newsletter in front of children or while at work: 

  We had, in my opinion, a massive violation of civil rights and criminal actions taken against a female in the OK county jail....she was arrested for DUI Sat night near Nichols Hills. She was then transported to OK County 
  The facts: She had a lawyer present on the scene of the arrest, she was denied the ability to speak with him there, at the Nichols Hills police station, or at OK County later. They absolutely would not allow her access to counsel. 
 She was forced to perform the field sobriety test, and later when she asked to speak with her council at OK County she was denied, but she went ahead and refused the breathalyzer not knowing for sure what to do 
  They stripped her in public of her clothes. Leaving her with the scanty camisole and tights she had on under her clothes.  
  They they paraded her around from "pod to pod, and cell to cell....under the pretense of processing her, which had only glass between her and the male prisoners being held. For 12 hours!!! 
  The male prisoners were making very crude comments, disgusting remarks, stroking themselves and mas****ating due to her attire. She endured this for 12 hours while the officers laughed it off.  She continued to beg for clothes, but the officers only laughed and continued to parade her from place to place for 12 hours 
  During this 12 hours her brother(who is also a lawyer) and her husband were continually told she hadn't been processed yet.   After 12 hours she was moved to the holding cell with 40 other women and finally given an orange jumpsuit 
She was finally able to bail out after 18 hours. 

   Yes she was refused the right to speak with counsel who was present at arrest. And then she was denied at Nichols hills and then when transported to OK county. Then the "parade" started that lasted 12 hours. She begged for clothes and was denied and laughed at. She was refused water for the entire 18 hours she was there. When they searched her it was in full view of male prisoners, after they had stripped her down to her tights and a little camisole,  and the kicked her legs apart...and slammed their hand so hard into her vag**** it literally lifted her off the ground! She remembered one of the male prisoners saying "yeah, jam it in her p***y good" 
  Now remember these male prisoners were mastur***ing and making crude and demeaning comments at her the entire time.  
  They finally gave her the jumpsuit all other female prisoners were wearing 12 hours later. She is exhausted and traumatized. She is writing everything down. I told her she needs to request video of the arrest and at the OK jail
She is about 5'4 and weighs maybe 110 if she is lucky. She is not a trouble maker and was terrified. So no she wasn't being a problem.
  We pulled the police report and the woman's arrest records as we always want to know the character of the person behind the accusations.  Next week we are going to revisit this story and reveal what might have caused the animals/detention officers to treat this woman in such a fashion.  It certainly isn't enough to have justified this treatment but it reveals the mindset and culture that John Whetsel has inoculated into the deputies and detention officers in his employ.

If this angers you then get off your butt and come down to help on the voter guide project. If you don't, you are condoning this sort of brutality and are the problem, not the answer.