Wednesday, November 16, 2016

State GOP Chairman Pam Pollard Leaks Letter to Sabotage Republican Oklahoma County Sheriff Candidate

   Two weeks ago  Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Pam Pollard leaked a confidential letter to the McCarville Report in an effort to damage Oklahoma County Sheriff candidate Mike Christian.  Pollard is from the Midwest City area and wanted the Midwest City police chief to run for the slot but Brandon Clabes was too timid to take on Mike Christian in the primary.  Pollard is part of a small political mafia organized in the Midwest City/Del City area, composed of both Democrat and Republican party leaders and activists.

  Basically it was a set up.  Pollard authorized and okayed the use of Mike Christian's mailers during a Central Committee meeting with witnesses verifying the same.  Then a few days later Pollard received a few phone calls from congressional staffers upset about the photos chosen for the mailers.

  Pollard then berates campaign manager Senator Ralph Shorty in an email that had three recipients:  Pollard, the GOP attorney, and Senator Ralph Shorty.   Hours later, the email is leaked to the McCarville Report, an online blog ran by RINOs that is the mouthpiece for the State Chamber of Commerce.

One legislator said that Pollard "had an axe to grind with Ralph and she made Mike Christian the target in her pettiness."

One Central Committee member was quoted on the meeting where Pollard authorized the Mike Christian mailer:  "Party rules allow their likenesses to be used by a party authorized mailer since they are on the ballot".   The Christian campaign mailer was authorized by the GOP Central Committee and Pam Pollard but paid for by the Christian campaign.  Elected GOP officials that are not on the ballot will not have their images used for other GOP candidates.

Of the three parties privy to the email only Pam Pollard would have leaked the email.  The attorney was bound by client/attorney privilege; Senator Shortey wouldn't have leaked an email that would damage his candidate, leaving only Chairman Pam Pollard as the only possible leak.  Again her motivation would be to have Brandon Clabes, a fellow RINO Republican/Democrat as the County Sheriff.  Clabes however has his eye on the Edmond PD chief slot as it pays much better.  Clabes would take a $40,000 pay cut to be sheriff and he has a very ill daughter that requires a lot of medical expenses.  Clabes has always been an apologist for Whetesl, being a drinking buddy back at the Old Germany restaurant out on SE 29th street in Choctaw.
Pollard knows she is way in over her head as State Chairman and is incapable of raising money for the GOP.  People simply don't like or respect her and Pollard is quite jealous that some of her staffers have better rapport with legislators.

Meanwhile House and Senate leaders are livid at what they see as a willful betrayal by the Party Chairman and concerned about Pollards links to democrat operatives.  One legislator said that Pollard is personally considered non grata with a number of legislative leaders both RINO and conservative.  One Western Oklahoma state rep said "Well, she is a liability and has no political skills.  Why the hell would I let her in if she does that to a Republican even if by accident?   No excuse, its Trump vs. establishment."

There is another element behind this vicious betrayal of Oklahoma Republican Chairman Pam Pollard…Denise Northrup, the outgoing Fallin Chief of Staff.  Northrup was upset with Rep. Mike Christian over his investigation and publication of State Troopers lobbying while on duty, an ethical violation.

Reliable sources are saying that GOP Chairman Pollard will have no choice but to turn off the lights on December 1st if a donor doesn't come forward to shore up Party bank balances.  We were told that the Oklahoma Republican Party is down to around $10,000.00 in the bank with more than that being spent each month on overhead.

Pollard needs to be removed as GOP Chairman for sabotaging the Oklahoma County Sheriff Republican candidate.  We held the story for a week as the Oklahoman was itching to take another swipe at former Rep. Mike Christian and outing the sabotage would have allowed them to write another story slamming Christian and endorsing Whetsel.   Pollard has told legislators that she would step down if they didn't support her and it is certainly time to remove her from office if only for incompetency in raising money.  The treachery against Mike Christian is just all the more reason she needs to go.  This is what happens when you elect people of low character and low integrity to office. 

How different things would be had former Senator Randy Brogdon received support instead of being backstabbed by Pollard and Estella Hernandez.  The shame is on the GOP members and activists for not demanding the infighting stop and cleaning out the instigators.