Monday, December 14, 2015

Fw: Comrade Yen faces Angry Crowd and Comes Off Like a Real Jerk

Doesn't look like a fox hole, more like a mass grave to bury infidels
Busted but Still Digging the Hole Deeper
Remember Austin Bond?  The guy that bragged to several veterans last week that he was the guy that allowed the CAIR group to participate in the Veterans Day Parade in Tulsa?  We wrote a story about the guy’s actions after he dealt harshly with some veterans that were really trying hard to keep him from making a really stupid mistake.  Well Mr. Bond decided he was embarrassed over the publication and sent us a threatening letter the day after our story ran.  Here it is:
I am the Commander of VFW Post 577. I am not a member of the Veteran’s Day Parade Committee. It is a separate entity and not associated with the VFW. That Committee plans and oversees the Veteran’s Day Parade and like many other groups, simply meets at my Post. The only Committee meeting that I have ever attended was last week in an effort to encourage the Parade Committee to exclude CAIR and any other groups that were attempting to shamelessly politicize the parade.

Before the meeting began, a small male was raising his voice at a female. I asked him what the problem was and what group he was with. He replied that he was with the “White Armed Resistance.” There was NEVER any mention of a Confederate group, etc. I told him to leave my Post. I will not make apologies for refusing to allowing members of neo-nazi groups in my Post. He had two flag pins on his lapel. His Confederate flag pin was well above the American Flag pin and while he was being escorted out by multiple members of my Post, I told him that placing any flag above the American flag would not be tolerated inside a VFW. There are dozens of witnesses to this confrontation. There are multiple factual inaccuracies to your story.

I am combat Veteran. I am insulted that any group including CAIR is attempting to politicize a Veteran’s Parade. Without bothering to call me and get my side of the story, you have taken the word of someone who is NOT a Veteran and has identified himself as a member of a white supremacy group. I would have thought that my service alone would have made you question his version of events.

I am not a public figure. I am however, an attorney. You have intentionally defamed my name. If you immediately issue a full and acceptable retraction to the same list receiving this story, we can chalk your article up to a mistake. Otherwise I will vigorously pursue legal action against you personally and every individual and group associated with this story. I strongly encourage you to forward this email to your attorney and I will await their response until 4:30 p.m. Monday November 9th, 2015.  
Austin P. Bond
Attorney at Law

Now Mr. Bond’s problem is that we have multiple credible witnesses that say he bragged about being the one that allowed CAIR into the parade after being warned that the group had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But now he wants to claim he was against the entire idea?  Not much of a commander if he has no control even if you got by the fact that multiple witnesses heard him claim ownership of the decision.  As far as politicizing the parade I’d say he did an excellent job of doing that all by himself with his apparent decision to allow CAIR into the parade because two of the Muslims were veterans (we still aren’t sure if they were U.S. veterans or former Taliban or Republican Guard, matter of fact it is unknown as to who these veterans are).
Then there is the second paragraph of his threatening email.    Funny how he had to call the guy a “small” male.   I suppose that makes him feel better about himself if he has something against short people.   But multiple reports say that confederate flag guy never raised his voice or they would have heard the confrontation in the meeting hall.    And the guy in question says he is not and has never been any sort of white supremacist or anything of the sort.   One retired state trooper reported that he has known the guy for years and vouched for the guy as being clean as a whistle.  The confederate flag guy himself was interviewed by our staff and asked twice if he had any links to any hate group.    I personally have not met the man but I did talk to him earlier this week and asked the hard questions again.  From talking to guys that know the man, a long time member of the Tulsa Republicans Mens Club, he is harmless enough.
As to the location of a lapel pin… really Mr. Bond… you throw a man out of a public meeting over such a stupid thing as one pin being above the other while including a group that even the FBI cannot work with?   You allow America’s enemies to march in the parade while throwing fellow Americans out of your VFW post?   And making such a fuss about us “not contacting you”?   Dumb ass, we asked a veteran who is also a retired state trooper to visit your meeting and find out why you were allowing the terror linked group into the parade.   Your problem, as you admitted to one of the highly placed men that called you to chew your ass out, was that you didn’t know who you were talking too and you said that in your own words.
As far as your service, JAG officers aren’t the men we celebrate on veterans day Mr. Bond.  We celebrate the men that put their lives on the line, not the ones that punch their ticket with a visit to the war zone and rake in the medals just for being there.  Who knows what your service was like, we certainly don’t know but you weren’t kicking in doors and facing enemies like the junior officers, NCOs ,and enlisted men.  As far as any credence we might have given you, that was erased the second our guy heard you brag about being the final decision maker in the inclusion of CAIR.
And you are a piss poor lawyer too boot it seems.  You are a public figure as the post commander and you made a very controversial and very public decision to include a group that has been linked with terror organizations and we called you to task after you told us that you were responsible. .     And you stomped on veterans and the public alike while slandering one man as a white supremacist without providing a shred of proof.  As an attorney one would think you know better than to slander people without providing absolute proof that they are a member of a white supremacist group.
As to our reply before last Monday by 4:30 pm, we ignored your threatening email but you took it upon yourself to call a lawyer that has done work for us before and were told that we have witnesses including the retired state trooper/veteran that went down to hear your side of the story.  And like you have already heard from our attorney, piss off jerk, we stand by our story.  A fine defense you have made for Constitutional rights of the veterans and citizens that complained about your decision, the only ones you protected were the Muslims tied to the CAIR group.
And they had a good turnout at the Turn Your Back on CAIR rally the Sunday before.  Here is a link to a video of real men, real veterans, men that know better than to deal with CAIR.
Below is a press release from veteran/legislators calling out your tremendous stupidity.    Real men Mr. Bond, real veterans:
Tulsa Veteran's Day parade, one of the oldest and largest in the country. According to numerous reports, hundreds of military veterans who lined the parade route of the Tulsa Veteran's Day parade turned their backs in protest as a small float sponsored by CAIR passed by them.

Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow), who is a military veteran and a member of the medical corps, rode in the parade and had this to say, “The anger of some of the veterans who risked their lives to defend freedom had reached a boiling point.”

In the case of U.S. vs. The Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorist-financing trial in the history of the U.S., CAIR was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and an unindicted co-conspirator. Further, the FBI's Oklahoma City Field Office refused to do business with CAIR. The Edmond Sun said in an article dated March 6, 2010: “CAIR has been advised of the reasons behind our suspension of formal partnership,” the FBI stated. “These reasons include the fact that CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in United States v. Holy Land Foundation and CAIR’s failure to answer our questions about a connection between their executives and Hamas. Until these questions are answered, the FBI does not consider CAIR an appropriate partner for formal liaison activities.”

Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.), former Commanding General of Delta Force and Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, vigorously protested to parade organizers about the inclusion of CAIR. Boykin said, “CAIR has been publicly identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist-financing trial in the history of the U.S. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land but (CAIR) advocates Sharia law which calls for the overthrow of the Constitution.”

State Representative Ritze said that Austin Bond, Commander of VFW Post 577 in Tulsa said to him, “I didn't have anything to do with this CAIR float but I am going to make sure they won't be in the parade next year.”

State Rep. John Bennett (R-Sallisaw), Chairman of the Counterterrorism Caucus in the Oklahoma legislature said, “On behalf of the members of the Counterterrorism Caucus, we want to thank our veterans who fought to preserve our freedom and especially those in Tulsa who are still willing to stand up and fight to this day.”

 And Mr. Bond,  Rep. Ritze reported that you claimed that you had nothing to do with the CAIR float and no doubt you said exactly those words but Ritze had already talked to other veterans that witnessed you say you were personally responsible for the inclusion of CAIR including a long time friend of Dr. Ritze.   Ritze reported what you said  to allow you to save some face but he also knew better Mr. Bond.   General Boykin chewed your ass out and educated you but it was a shame you were too arrogant or too wrapped up in another agenda to listen to those that questioned your decision when you made it.   Now it seems you can promise that next year CAIR won’t be allowed to participate so that in itself is an admission that you have control over the parade.
Who needs reform?” Oklahoma Legislation
By: D.B.
After reading some of the resent Legislative bills that Legislation worked on for months, and that passed, I became irritated.  I thought to myself, “Just how long can Oklahoma continue to allow these clowns to screw off with important issues when they are not qualified to dress themselves? I had the passing thoughts like- “why are they here”? “Why are they being paid”? What is their purpose if any”? Those bills that they worked so hard on (circle jerk), were ridiculous. They were no mention of Teacher’s, earthquakes, or DOC Reform. Instead they worked and passed bills like these:
·         A bill also passed that now “allows” people over 45 to be volunteer fire fighters. That was really nice of them. Thanks for “allowing” this group of people to volunteer without pay and with your approval.
·         Then there is the bill that now allows foster parents to have sex with their foster kids if they are over 19.  Wow.  That’s a relief.  I bet that is on all foster parents list of questions. Legislators probably felt this might draw in more foster parent volunteers.  Clever. I wonder why they didn’t pimp a few out to help that neg. debt number. Always thinking of others.
Where do these people come from? How do they end up at the State Capital? They are not only disrespectful, but useless and painfully stupid. I would need proof to believe they have anything above a 6th grade education.
Because of my concern I have put together a bill along with a few other tactics in hopes of reforming Legislation.  Even if Mary Fallin cared, she would not address this.  She is far to busy speeding down bankruptcy lane and attempting to lay low, only coming out for a little pinch of any nearby trooper butt.  Right now the most she would offer is a throwing of  a staff member under the bus.  
So, conjure up some dignity, find that back bone, break out of the bubble, and put on the big boy panties. Then pull your heads out of your asses. Begin working on big boy issues that matter. (AKA the jobs you were elected to do). And- if this doesn’t sound obtainable–Get lost. There are so many minimum wage jobs out there to choose from as they say. If money runs short-Bam!! There are plenty more just like it. They can work 2,3, even 4 jobs if they want.  AT the end of the day tax dollars have been saved, and they aren’t an embarrassment to Oklahoma anymore.  A win-win.
 I realize this revamping would be all new and the need for stiff structure would be necessary. So a “Big Boy Issues that matters” memo would be posted at all times. Bills would no longer be allowed to dabble in topics such as; Reproduction, hoodies, monuments, food, sex with kids, personal beliefs, nothing concerning personal business including internet surfing.    I would also have a secret outside, unbiased observer pass through randomly to clean, update or rat out any violations, perhaps with a ruler in their hand to smack the occasional idiot . The ones not so up on change might even find themselves asking questions like- “Is that really a pencil sharpener?
The attendees weren't pleased with you Comrade Yen. 
Now you know how your own voters feel
Comrade Yen’s Re Education Camp Ruined by
Running Dog Imperialist Attendees
My God… what an ass!    You simply had to be at that meeting to grasp the full measure of what an arrogant ass Senator Yen can be.   After trying to back out that afternoon the senator shows up to the debate empty handed, no information, no power point presentation, nothing but an attitude that he knew best because he is a heart procedure anesthesiologist.   Right off the bat the guy tells the crowd that he probably won’t change their minds and they weren’t changing his mind, then after listening to Dr. Christner for twenty minutes while she showed an impressive power point program and included study after study all you could do is roll your eyes on stage while sitting with your arms crossed.
When it was time for Comrade Yen to lecture the crowd that is all he did, after telling us that he had met only one other doctor that claimed that the risks of vaccines were well known.   At that four other doctors in the crowd spoke up and made it clear that you had must met more.   The guy is no public speaker; he would ask the crowd a question then get upset if they answered him, at one point almost walking off stage.  The event coordinator did an excellent job keeping things polite on the citizen’s end but you sir came across as an arrogant ass.
Comrade Yen took several of the doctors to task, asking where they went to medical school and questioning if their medical training was sufficient to speak, all the while the 800 pound gorilla in the room was Senator Yen’s similar training and lack of any real expertise in vaccines.   One of the medical doctors, a husband and wife pair that came with the anti forced vaccination group, passed up a few pages of medical studies for Yen to take home with him.  And the ass left them lying on his bar stool when he left the room, with a staffer coming back later to retrieve the papers.
In fact, there was one, count them buddy, one supporter in the crowd other than the two health officials you brought as moral support and your staff member and even that one supporter stood up and took you to task for not rebutting anything that Dr. Christner said with facts or evidence.    All you could do was say that what she said was false or misleading.  Or roll your eyes.
But central to Comrade Yen’s mindset is the belief that we live in a democracy where the majority can force everyone else to do anything they believe needed.    One combat veteran pointed out that we live in a Republic with Constitutional guaranteed rights that protect us from the tyranny of a democracy.
Senator Yen isn’t going to get much traction with his attempt to remove religious and parental rights but just in case there is a group already organized that will be educating legislators and holding a rally at the Capital on opening day in February.
Ronald Regan told us that we are one generation away from tyranny.  That is so true, Senator Yen’s parents fled Taiwan in fear of the Red Chinese and here is their son claiming that public health trumps religious beliefs, parental rights, and the Constitution.
Senate District 41 Candidate is No Stranger to Politics
By the Watchman
Once again we cover an announced candidate for a Senate seat soon to be vacated by term limits. We are talking about the Senate Seat for District 41 currently held by Senator Jolley. This time is a little different. Although we found no record for his 2016 campaign for the Senate, the candidate ran for office as a Representative for Edmond in 2014. As we said, he’s no stranger to politics.
The first we heard of this candidates run for the Senate was in this article The Okie » Pugh Announces For Edmond Senate Seat. We would first like to thank Mr. Adam Pugh for his military service. He is a former Captain in the U.S. Air Force.
The next article of interest we found was this Adam Pugh for Oklahoma State House | Indiegogo. This appears to be his campaign site from his 2014 campaign for the House District 82. There is more information on this page than most candidates put on their web sites or their profile sheets if elected. He speaks a lot about transparency and accountability, and he said all the right things a good little candidate should to address them but his words run hollow. We fear that even though he is running as a Republican candidate, he’s actually an undocumented Democrat. We’ll show you why.
This next article we won’t go into a lot of detail on Adam Pugh Enters SD41 Campaign | The McCarville Report, but it appears that he simply handed out the same press release to the two news blogs that we have mentioned here. That’s just plain lazy besides, announcing your candidacy on the McCarville Report pretty much ensures that you are a RINO.
The next article of interest we found was this Delaware Resource Group :: Corporate Bios. Call us cynical, but this looks like a job that he was recruited for prior to his decision to resign his commission in the Air Force. Now we have no problem with an individual making money, but to give up a profession he was good at for a few more dollars while his knowledge is still needed in force protection just seems like a sellout.
We next went to to see what they had on his campaign finances. We actually found some from his 2014 campaign. What we discovered was that this was never a serious campaign. He ran a campaign in the area on $36,500.00. That’s not near enough for a metropolitan area. A vast majority of his contributions were from individuals from around the country and his friends still serving in the military.
He had only one donation from a Corporation, Union or PAC. It’s listed as follows
June 16, 2014 Oklahoma Bankers Political Action Committee        $500.00
Of everything we found, this next article is the most disturbing The OK Citizens First Pledge | OKCitizensFirst. Oklahoma Citizens First is a real nice sounding organization. Who wouldn’t want to support Oklahoma First. What they don’t tell you about the organization is they are an extreme left wing organization that believes they can tax their way out of anything. They are pro big government and feel there should be no limit in the amount the state should spend. They’ve been taking lessons from Barack Obama himself. Adam Pugh signed their pledge. That’s a disgrace. If elected the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce will have another Senator on their team to ride roughshod over the citizens of this state. That’s the very thing we can’t afford.
We never thought we would ever see a candidate worse than Senator Jolley to represent the citizens of District 41. We just found him. If this man is elected he will not serve the citizens of his district or the state. He will be working for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce to put a tighter grip of control on the citizens of this great state. The time for polite politics is over. We must bring to a stop the never ending line of undocumented Democrats who know the only way they can get elected is to run as Republicans. We must make these candidates sign a pledge to uphold the platform of the Republican Party. It’s time we took the government back from these greedy politicians who think they are above the law.