Thursday, January 28, 2016

Loser and Quitter

The Exit of Hernandez

Last week we saw a wonderful case of political suicide as former Vice Chair Estella Hernandez packed up her toys and went home.  That’s right, after all the machinations and backstabbing to get into Republican leadership she just up and quit less than a third of the way through her term.

Estella Hernandez you will remember is the very nice looking (on the outside) woman that started attacking the popularly elected state chairman of the GOP right after she was elected, banking on taking him down and putting her skinny butt into his place.   Along the way she got caught lying about Randy Brogdon, claiming she was belittled and yelled at when in fact the tape of the meeting proved just the opposite.  After being busted on a live radio program when the two hosts told her that there was a tape and they had listened to it she didn’t miss a beat and spun like a top trying to get the mud off her political skirts.

Then in the week before the special GOP election to elect a replacement GOP chairman old Estella got caught working illegal aliens on one of her job sites.    The Sooner Tea Party published both the tape of her belittling and being shrill at Randy Brogdon, who was her superior at the time, and the video of her husband chuckling as a private investigator tried to talk to one of his fresh out of the Rio Grande River workers that couldn’t speak a lick of English other than “No!  No!  No English!!!”

 Butt Whipping

That led to a horribly embarrassing butt whipping at the special election.  Estella took about 30 supporters up on stage with her when she gave her speech before the vote.  The other woman had two supporters.   Yet the vote was so lopsided that Estella’s supporters convinced her to throw in the towel as the Hubbard supporters would never support Estella and even if they did they couldn’t win.

Poor Estella!   She hated Pam Pollard, the winner of the election, and now she had to work under Pam!
So it was no surprise that Estella bailed.   She ran for Vice Chair of the GOP not to serve but to further her political ambitions and her character caught up with her  and the GOP turned against her.  You know it is hard on the aging beauty queens out there when the time comes that their looks and a butt wiggle will no longer open doors for them.

Now the strange part is that OCPA hired the loser.    It is beyond belief that they have any use for an ill tempered, overly ambitious, and untrustworthy woman.   Are they thinking that they can clean her up?   Make her smarter?   Somehow erase the tons and tons of horrible reputation that she left in her tumultuous wake?   The second they try to run this witch (darned b key isn’t working for some reason) the knives will come out from both the grassroots and the RINO GOP members and Estella will have the rest of her public persona shredded in very short order.  

 Lt. Governor

The only possible use for her is that the OCPA thinks they can put some big money behind her so the GOP organization isn’t needed and count on her checkered past not making it out to the voters in a primary.   There were whispers of her running for Lt. Governor last summer but you can count on her opponents making Estella’s horrible reputation a major point in their counter campaigns.

But now the Oklahoma GOP must spend thousands of dollars and ask the 77 counties to once more send their leaders to Oklahoma City or Tulsa to attend another election.  Way to make friends and influence people Estella.  But you can bet that Pam Pollard is still grinning over this.