Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Election Results

 …were interesting to say the least.   Democratic Rep. Donnie Condit barely survived with a half point victory over his challenger.  Bridenstine thumped his two opponents by almost 81%  despite some serious RINO cash spent on trying to take Bridenstine down.  Steve Russell survived an attempt by Frank Volpe by a huge margin; then again Volpe was a bit of an odd character and didn't exactly inspire confidence.  The rest of the congressional races went as expected when you have a wealthy and entrenched incumbent being challenged by a poorly funded opponent.

  Senator Rob Standridge survived handily despite a RINO attempt at taking him down but Senator Ron Sharp, one of the worst of the RINO liberal senators barely squeaked out a win, less than 4% margin.  Senator Bryce Marlatt survived, a hell of a thing that a drunk can survive a primary election.  Senator Nathan Dahm survived a RINO attempt, winning by around two thirds.   Paul Blair and Adam Pugh head into a runoff election in August with both candidates bringing in over 45% in the primary election.    RINO senator Corey Brooks was defeated by just over 1% of the vote.  Senator Kyle Loveless won a 5% victory despite a heavily financed attempt to oust him due to his conservative voting record.

  RINO state rep Charles Ortega barely survived by less than one percent and Ken Walker was defeated by around 1.6%.

  On the libertarian ticket only one race showed up and ultra liberal Dax Ewbank was defeated by his challenger.  Ewbank is a huge supporter of Muslims and has caused a lot of controversy since the libertarian party was created.  Of course the libertarians are little more than a joke, only a few thousand votes were cast in that statewide Senate race.