Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The True Face of the Muslim Society

  It is difficult enough when something happens to a small child, worse when it happens to a small girl child, and almost unimaginable when it happens to a small handicapped girl.  Ours is a civilized society for the most part but  there are those among us that are willing to pump hundreds of thousands of new "immigrants" into our society for political reasons, to expand their base of voters, or for cheap labor for their restaurants, motels, construction sites, or factories.  Of course the labor isn't cheap once you figure in the vast increases needed for welfare and schools.

   But it is the other costs of pumping tens of thousands of barely civilized "people" into a civilized and orderly society that costs us the most.  Last week we saw the story of the five year old handicapped girl in Twin Falls Idaho, sexually assaulted, urinated on, and filmed by the 14 year old instigator of the attack.  Initially the local authorities and immigrant advocates covered up the fact that all three of the young boys were immigrants and Muslims from Sudan and Iraq. The boys, 7, 10, and 14 years old were from about 300 "refugee" families settled in the area by the U.S. government.
  Initially the two older boys were arrested and detained at the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center but they have since been released back into the community.  They were charged with sexual assault at the Fawnbrook Apartments and immediately they received the support of the U.S. Attorney's Office, urging the community to "stay calm, stop spreading falsehoods, and let the court officials do their job."  The court case has been sealed, adding fuel to the fire in the local communities.

   Local prosecutors and police officials are blaming anti refugee groups for using the incident to further their agenda.  They are also warning locals that spreading "false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law."  Local authorities are claiming that the spreading of false information is making the investigation harder to conduct, claiming that the witnesses might find it more difficult to recall the facts and make the witnesses "less credible".  More like the local authorities are setting things up to disregard eye witness testimonies.  Amazingly the U.S. Attorney for Idaho weighed in on the case, warning of federal penalties for "threatening" or "inaccurate" information spread about the case.   Thankfully the management company of the apartment complex is taking steps to remove the families involved in the sexual attack.

  The case came to light after Jolene Payne, a 89 year old retired nurse noticed a Muslim boy acting suspicious outside of a laundry room, using his camera phone to take pictures through the barely cracked door.  She walked over, threw open the door, and saw the 7 and 10 year old boys standing there over the tiny five year old white girl whom they had stripped naked.  The girl was covered in urine as was her clothing on the floor.  The two younger boys blamed the older 14 year old boy, saying that "he told us to do it" and the retired nurse stated that the older boy was giving instructions to the younger boys when she first noticed the situation.  They little girl was said to be scared to death and crying for help.

   Twin Falls has been saddled with 308 Muslim Iraqis' and 161 Muslim Sudanese since 2009 and this isn't the first attack as in 2009 an eight year old girl was gang raped by four Liberian Muslim boys that ranged in age between 9 and 14.  Many of the Muslim families are employed at the local Chobani Yogurt plant.

  Few people are against immigration but a country belongs to the citizens and ANYONE let into the country to stay ought to bring major benefits to the country.  Advanced degrees, much needed talent, wealth to invest in factories, no one ought to be let in simply because things are bad in their own country.  If things are bad they will get worse if you allow the better people to leave instead of fighting to clean up the problems in their own home towns.  Injecting barely civilized people into a civilized society is a recipe for disaster.  Their culture is vastly different; this tiny mentally handicapped child was no more than a animal put there by Mohammad for their sexual gratification.  Women are second class citizens of Muslim society; non Muslim women have no ranking and are there to be abused as they are considered infidels.

  But the yogurt plant got some cheap labor, to fill the plant that was probably built using tax credits and incentives passed by the Idaho legislature.  Some businessmen got a little richer and some politicians got some campaign contributions, who the hell cares about a tiny, mentally handicapped, five year old girl in that crowd? As for the Muslims, they considered the girl fair game as their Prophet Mohammad had set down the rules to live as a perfect Muslim man and that included pedophilia and the right to abuse women and children.