Sunday, June 18, 2017

Senate RINO Index Updated

Correction on Last Week's Senate RINO Index

  Stuff happens, 48 Senators and 28 bills that needed votes tallied, 1344 votes in all in the 2017 Oklahoma RINO Index for the State Senate. And one vote has been reported as wrong, Senator Nathan Dahm's vote on SB 120, the aerospace tax credit/corporate welfare bill. That is a 99.995 % error rating, probably better than we thought possible.

  Still Dahm's score was lowered by five points and correcting the vote restored him to his 100 score. In our defense Dahm had voted poorly on some of the bills that were left out of the Index and had there been just one wrong vote we certainly would have looked at it to triple check. Still this is a fine voting record in a year where leadership throughout the state was demanding more and more tax increases.