Sunday, August 6, 2017

Commissioner White Admits To Battery In The Presence of Children

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Mental Health Commissioner Terri White Admits Battery in 911 Call
Commissioner White's Public Statement on Arrest Turns out to be a Complete Lie

The tape is quite boring to listen to, about twenty one minutes of Terri White speaking or on hold with the Sheriff's 911 dispatchers. But in the taped phone call Commissioner Terri White admits to walking up to her brother who was seated at a table and throwing water in his face, a domestic violence battery under Florida law. As it should be as such crazy behavior causes retaliation by the victim.

Worse, Commissioner White committed this act of domestic violence in the presence of children, multiple minors, and she herself babbles on the tape about how despicable it is to use domestic violence in the presence of children. Had Commissioner White committed this act of domestic violence in Oklahoma she would have been arrested for the act for both the domestic violence and for committing an act of domestic violence in the presence of children.

Below you will find the arrest report along with a statement from the Sheriff who clearly lays out that Commissioner White was not accepting her part in the domestic violence arrest and that she was not released because they thought the charges were wrong, she was released because the brother refused to cooperate.

What is obvious is that Commissioner Terri White lied when she made her public statement and that it was she, not her brother, that caused the domestic violence. By her own words she admits that she instigated and threw the first blow simply because she couldn't force her brother to go eat with the family.

Everyone remembers the screams of dismissal when former GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon had an employee that had been involved in a domestic violence arrest. Isn't it funny that we aren't hearing the same voices screaming for Commissioner White to be dismissed for a crime that she freely committed and freely admitted?

Commissioner White's cell phone number is included in the arrest report below so a few phone calls or texts wouldn't be out of order from the public. Perhaps Commissioner White needs to be reminded that she was arrested on criminal charges for good reason and that lying to the media and the entire state of Oklahoma isn't a good thing.

Michael A. Adkinson, Jr.
Office of the Sheriff, Walton County

News Release

For Immediate Release
July 31, 2017

"In this situation, it's very apparent Ms. White is either unwilling or unable to accept the results of her actions. The simple truth is that she escalated this situation by berating and then approaching the victim. The victim was seated when she approached him and threw water in his face. This behavior is not what we would expect from professional adults in positions of trust.  

After the media discovered the incident, Ms. White made statements implying her arrest would not have been made in Oklahoma. I doubt that to be the case. Ms. White seems to believe her position of authority places her above reproach. I would suggest to you, that it is this attitude that resulted in her sitting in the Walton County Jail. 

The arrest was not dismissed on merit, but because this is a misdemeanor charge and all parties involved live in Oklahoma and were unwilling to cooperate. No one is ever the bad guy in his or her own story. 

 This call was handled to the letter of the law. When news broke, it would have been respectful of her to accept her role in the incident and move on. Not point fingers and place blame on our office."

– Sheriff Michael Adkinson, Jr.