Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Senator's Wife Bites!

Senator Ervin Yen's Wife Arrested for Assault and Battery Update
Senator Yen's wife Pamela Yen's arrest report,
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We broke the story Monday night about State Senator Ervin Yen's wife being arrested on Assault and battery Charges in Del City. A STP supporter who just happens to be a Private Eye, helped obtain the arrest report confirming the alleged mental melt down. We aren't going to re plow that ground tonight but we do want to provide the arrest report as the media companies in the state have read the newsletter but have yet to report the arrest. Imagine that, must have family over for the weekend or something. (sarcasm alert)

We have tracked down other eye witnesses, one that contacted us after reading our Friday night special edition story. The confirmed 95% of the story from the arrest report and other eye witnesses, minor details different but they say ten eye witnesses will never agree on all details.

Senator Ervin Yen has been silent, no answer from the phone calls placed to his office and home. Hmmm, probably doesn't want to bother us on the weekend, how considerate. (second sarcasm alert).