Sunday, April 15, 2018

Democrats Become The Party of Family Values

Top - Rep Kevin McDugle continues life with his mistress
Bottom - Rep. Inman receives reconciliation to his wife.

  This legislature has lived down to the worst reputation for corruption and moral decadence. Even as the leadership started out the 56th legislative session, they vowed to put an end to the antics of Dan Kirby, Randy Grau, & Will Fourkiller. But within months there were even more. Ralph Shortey was prison bound for his escapades with a 17 year old male prostitute. Bruce Marlatt and Travis Brauer added their scandals to the immoral narrative.

  But this summer there emerged more extramarital scandals. One was a Democrat Leader and the other was a Republican freshman.  They are both still in office. 
  • The Democrat chose to humble himself, and beg his wife's redemption. That's the story of the Democrat leader, Scott Inman.
  • The Republican abandoned his wife and children and still lives in adultery with the mistress, in an OKC apartment that is paid for with per diem reimbursement from our state govt. That's the story of Republican freshman, Kevin McDugle.
  McDugle quit going home last spring. Eventually his trusting, devoted wife and two young sons realized there was a problem. After 2 months absence the truth hit hard and  McDugle's wife was forced to do what he lacked the honesty to do. She petitioned the court for the dissolution of the marriage. Kevin is still contesting that divorce even while he openly socializes with his mistress. He's now campaigning for another term in the House. There is no sense of shame to be found.

Last fall, Scott Inman was a clear example of the humility we read of in the biblical hero, King David. The biblical patriarch also had a public scandal involving marital infidelity. Like King David, Inman immediately and completely changed his course. His wife confronted him in the rotunda of the state capitol and refused to remain silent in her rage and betrayal.

 Scott Inman immediately went to his office and wrote his resignation letter and declared the end of his campaign for governor and went into seclusion for weeks.  His wife and family were his only priority. He emerged several weeks later, with his wife's blessing and forgiveness. He had restored her trust in him and they agreed that he should complete his final term in the House. The Inman family is building a new home... both figuratively and physically. they are planning for a new life after public service. they are celebrating family.

  McDugle claims to uphold the US Marines' motto of 'Semper Fi', but the Latin phrase literally mean; "Always Faithful". It is doubtful that any real Marine would commend McDugle's behavior. Never mind that adultery is still a felony on the Oklahoma statutes. What is more shameful to the Republican party, is that the House leadership continues to ignore the felony behavior of McDugle. Speaker Charles McCall even appointed McDugle to the leadership position of Vice chairman of the Govt. Oversight and Accountability Committee. There is perhaps no one less fit for that role that a felonious adulterer.

  The arrogance is even more egregious when McDugle produces videos, preaching to Christian men about their duty to be faithful to their wives as Christ gave himself for the church.