Sunday, May 26, 2019

How Long Did House Leadership Know About the Kannady/McDugle Scandal & Why Was Nothing Done?

May 26th 2019 Newsletter - 

What we Haven't Been Able
to Tell You So Far. 

House Leadership Knew About
the Scandal Eight Months Ago
and Requested Exposure of the
Kannady/McDugle Scandal in April. 

  For seven of the last eight months Sooner Tea Party has held the Kannady/McDugle sexual battery/sexual harassment scandal from publication for several reasons. First, Kannady was too dug in with leadership for them to turn against him. We know that because House leadership was notified of the scandal back in October of last year due to a request from the first victim for a meeting with House leadership in order to discuss how to file a report and have justice done without exposing the victim.
Second, the discussion with House leadership went nowhere for several weeks until I reached back out and at that point the victim was referred to two staffers at the Capitol. Both we and the victim figured out that there wasn't support to hold Kannady or McDugle responsible so the exposure was put on hold.
Then in late April of this year Leadership reached out and requested that we attempt to get the victim to come forward. When asked why, it was said that Kannady had become too powerful, was raising too much money independently, and had become too bold and heavy handed and had becoming a threat to leadership. Mention was made of a pay to play scandal involving the liquor bill on the change in distribution of the top 25 brands. They wanted a pile on effect, sex scandal and pay to play scandal.
It turned out that initially this was true but later the Sooner Tea Party was deceived in this matter. Leadership had waffled a week or so after the initial story, fearing that Kannady would survive, and it has become apparent now that leadership was playing both sides and actively worked to protect Kannady and set up a white wash investigation to derail the allegations.
This was not how the Kirby/Fourkiller investigation was handled, a proper investigation followed up by committee hearings were done and justice was served. But those two men were not in House leadership, were they?
Now we are in a quandary, exposing elements of leadership or allowing sexual predators to remain in office in the House of Representatives.
Next week we are going to be forced to run the entire story and publish the proof that we have as we believe that at this point that Leadership has completely lost its integrity after seeing both the results and the process of the special counsel investigation into the first of the three sexual battery, sexual assault, and sexual harassment cases. As it is Kannady and McDugle along with are calling the Sooner Tea Party and the Mayor of Newkirk liars and it will be a cold day in hell that a sexual predator gets away with that nor the ones that support them.