Monday, May 8, 2017

Prater: The Most Dangerous Man In Oklahoma

The Most Dangerous Man in Oklahoma

Oklahoma County David Prater is beginning to draw some national attention for his arresting people without a valid crime to justify the arrest much less justify a trial. The video at the link below weaves the connection between Prater and former prosecutor Bob Macy. The author of the video is Diana Davison, a prolific video blogger and journalist who does a lot of thought provoking articles on anti feminism. An activist that supports men that are being crushed and a collaborator with Michelle Malkin, she brings some fresh insight into the insanity of modern gender roles.

Her latest video discusses the connections between two Oklahoma cases, Richard Glossip and Daniel Holtzclaw, and in the process she was shocked at what Oklahoma County David Prater has been able to get away with over the years. She reached out to Sooner Tea Party after discovering the blackmail illegal prosecution and the articles that STP had been writing since 2011 warning of David Prater's crimes.

Reading the comments on her Youtube videos shows the disgust and disbelief that people display once the news media actually exposes the underbelly of David Prater. Also, reading the comments brought up a movement that I had not heard of, MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way. Google it, very interesting, very true, and if not stopped it will lead to a population implosion of the U.S. Like it did in Europe for other reasons.

I have yet to had the time to look into the Richard Glossip case but watching this video has got me curious and I will be looking into the case next week. But it is awesome to see that David Prater is developing a nationwide if not international reputation for corruption and criminal acts.