Monday, May 29, 2017

Time For Some State Leadership

Time for Some Leadership in the State

  Few dispute the fact that Mary Fallin has been a disaster to the state of Oklahoma. Her legacy is that of a Democrat, with
  •  higher taxes, 
  • slashed government efficiencies, 
  • bloated government payroll, 
  • broken campaign promises, 
all of which wasn't unexpected of the woman given her abysmal morals and intelligence.

  The special interests have done well though so for Fallin and the tall building crowd it has been a good year. For the citizens, not so much. Fallin's Little Lamb, Lt. Gover Todd Lamb has been right there with the wretch and few expect any change should Lamb be elected Governor in 2018. Gary Jones has bumbled around acting like he will run but few expect him to as even Gary knows he isn't Governor materials. The Democrats will have a lineup of hopefuls with zero hope as well.

  But there is one that not only has an excellent chance but would also be an excellent governor, former U.S. Prosecutor Gary Richardson.

  If you haven't looked into this man you should. I can tell you that he is a man of great character and wisdom, the son of a sharecropper that has done well for himself standing up for the little people in court. He reminds me a lot of Donald Trump in that he can't be bought and he is willing to do what is needed to clean the state out and turn things around.

  What has been lacking in Oklahoma is leadership. The House and Senate pass the laws for the special interests who pay them well. Facing a governor that has the best interests of the state in mind they would either find it impossible to rally a veto proof margin or find themselves telling the special interests to be patient and wait things out. What they won't do is out think him or run over him. Richardson has a plan to bring sanity to the Oklahoma budget as he knows we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

  Moreover Gary Richardon is tough. Many the time we have backed a good man only to see him lose courage or quit in the vicious attacks of the RINOs. Not this man. That much I am sure of. Visit his website and get in touch with his team and let's drive the RINOs out of power in 2018.