Sunday, May 7, 2017

Billions n New Taxes To Be Voted On, Wednesday

 We Need YOU to Act Now!

 We seldom put out a special edition newsletter but this is one of those crucial moments in the legislative session and if you have ever emailed or called a legislator now is the time to do it again and if you haven't now is the time to do it for the first time.

Tomorrow House Leadership is going to try to ramm a couple of Rep. Leslie Osborn's bills through the House.  Both went through committee and both are scheduled to be heard tomorrow.  Both will ad billions of new taxes and increased taxes upon Oklahoma taxpayers.  Both need to be stopped.

The first bill freezes your standard deduction to current levels when you file your Oklahoma taxes.   Traditionally the state has used the Federal standard deduction.  If this bill passes the amount will NOT go up as the Federal standard deduction goes up, inflation be damned, the state wants more of your money.   You would have to fill out the LONG state tax form or pay an accountant to do that for you if you want to take full deductions.

The second bill is illegal and unconstitutional as hell, it is log rolling, the inclusion of multiple issues in one bill.   What the bastards are doing is coupling the killing of the old Gross Production tax rate deal that has set the rates at 2%, down from 7% in the past, while all the surrounding states still kept the 7 or 7/5% rate.  This was corporate welfare at its worst and killing this old tax credit/reduction is a good thing BUT House Leadership has bundled that billions of dollars in cigarette tax increase with a gas tax increase of 6 cents per gallon.   So they are killing a tax credit and increasing two taxes, pure log rolling at its worst.

Legally and constitutionaly each measure should stand alone and be judged on its own merits.   This can still be done regardless of what House Leadership says or anyone says, they can alway suspend rules or just ignore the rules and the constitution like they are doing in this case.

Here is the info on this huge tax legislation. 
Read it for yourself so no one can lie to you about it.

Another wooly bugger that will come up soon is a bill that will allow companies with unused tax credits (used to offset or pay their existing tax bill) to convert them into cash by presenting the tax credit to the state and geting a check for 50% of the total.   This does three very bad things. 

First it clears out a huge backlog of existing tax credits that the brokers have been selling for as little as 25 cents on the dollars.  There are so many of surplus tax credits out there that their value has plummeted the last few years. Now the value will instantly double and the brokers and tax credit owners will clean up.   These folks will be presenting the state with a demand for payment for hundreds of millions of dolars as soon as this bill becomes law.

Second, it establishes a floor for the value of the existing tax credits at 50% of face value.  The free market won't set their price, the legislators will have just doubled the value of the existing un converted tax credits and it will never again be less than 50%.

Third, if this bill passes there WILL be another BILLION dollar hole in the 2018 state budget, guaranteed.....  the tax credit owners and the brokers will have made a fortune off this one peice of legislation.

Now here is how these bastards have set this up.  They need 71 votes to pass a tax increase or new tax.  They have that many Republican votes but ten to fifteen Republicans will not vote for any tax increases this year, period.

That means that House Leadership is going to sell the farm to the Democrats in order to get the 25 Democrat votes, or enough of them to offset the real Republican House members that vote against the tax increases.  The Democrats will have a blank check to stop any abortion bills, pass crazy libera legislation, or just go shopping with their liberal wish list of crazy legislation.

What YOU need to do is to start calling AND emailing tonight and keep it up till this time tomorrow night. Visit this link if you aren't sure who your State Representative is.

Visit this link to find your legislator's contact info, you can email directly from this page and their phone numbers are there too.  Call at night, in the early morning, their answering machines will catch the calls.  Email several times or get your spouse and kids and friends to email or call.

Flood these bastards with phone calls in the next 12 hours and keep it up no matter what they say or do.  And cover all the bases, tell them in polite but rock hard language;  NO TAX INCREASES, NO FEE INCREASES, NO NEW TAXES, NO NEW REVENUE PERIOD!

The conservative Republicans have laid out a plan to fill the budget gap by eliminating corporate welfare tax credits, by cutting school administration costs and increasing class sizes enough to cut some education spending AND give a small raise to teachers.  Then there is a plan to bring in around 40 million dollars a year by diverting forfeited bail bond directly to the state instead of the local court clerks.  The Mental Health Department can be line itemed, forcing Terri White to actually spend money on the insane and less on wealthy DHS contractors.   There are dozens and dozens of ways to cut ten million here and five million there and fill the budget gap IF the crooks' hands can be taken out of the politician's butts where they have been playing meat puppet.

Here is a list of their phone numbers and names.  Be sure and say that you are a constituent in their district and give your address or zip code.  Be ready to be lied to, there are billions of your dollars at stake here and the donor class wants that money.
Babinec, Greg 33 R (405) 557-7304
Baker, Rhonda 60 R (405) 557-7311
Bennett, Forrest 92 D (405) 557-7404
Bennett, John 2 R (405) 557-7315
Biggs, Scott 51 R (405) 557-7405
Blancett, Meloyde 78 D (405) 557-7334
Bush, Carol 70 R (405) 557-7359
Caldwell, Chad 40 R (405) 557-7317
Calvey, Kevin 82 R (405) 557-7357
Cannaday, Ed 15 D (405) 557-7375
Casey, Dennis 35 R (405) 557-7344
Cleveland, Bobby 20 R (405) 557-7308
Cockroft, Josh 27 R (405) 557-7349
Condit, Donnie 18 D (405) 557-7376
Coody, Jeff 63 R (405) 557-7307
Derby, Dale 74 R (405) 557-7377
District 28 28   (405) 557-7372
District 75 75   (405) 557-7356
District 76 76   (405) 557-7347
Dollens, Mickey 93 D (405) 557-7371
Downing, Tim 42 R (405) 557-7365
Dunlap, Travis 10 R (405) 557-7402
Dunnington, Jason 88 D (405) 557-7396
Echols, Jon 90 R (405) 557-7354
Enns, John 41 R (405) 557-7321
Faught, George 14 R (405) 557-7310
Fetgatter, Scott 16 R (405) 557-7373
Ford, Roger 95 R (405) 557-7314
Fourkiller, William 86 D (405) 557-7394
Frix, Avery 13 R (405) 557-7302
Gann, Tom 8 R (405) 557-7364
Goodwin, Regina 73 D (405) 557-7406
Griffith, Claudia 45 D (405) 557-7386
Hall, Elise 100 R (405) 557-7403
Hardin, Tommy 49 R (405) 557-7383
Henke, Katie 71 R (405) 557-7361
Hilbert, Kyle 29 R (405) 557-7353
Hoskin, Chuck 6 D (405) 557-7319
Humphrey, Justin 19 R (405) 557-7382
Inman, Scott 94 D (405) 557-7370
Jordan, John Paul 43 R (405) 557-7352
Kannady, Chris 91 R (405) 557-7337
Kerbs, Dell 26 R (405) 557-7345
Kouplen, Steve 24 D (405) 557-7306
Lawson, Mark 30 R (405) 557-7414
Lepak, Mark 9 R (405) 557-7380
Loring, Ben 7 D (405) 557-7399
Lowe, Jason 97 D (405) 557-7367
Martin, Scott 46 R (405) 557-7329
Martinez, Ryan 39 R (405) 557-7342

McBride, Mark 53 R (405) 557-7346
McCall, Charles 22 R (405) 557-7412
McDaniel, Randy 83 R (405) 557-7409
McDugle, Kevin 12 R (405) 557-7388
McEachin, Scott 67 R (405) 557-7341
McEntire, Marcus 50 R (405) 557-7327
Meredith, Matt 4 D (405) 557-7408
Montgomery, John 62 R (405) 557-7374
Moore, Lewis 96 R (405) 557-7400
Mulready, Glen 68 R (405) 557-7340
Munson, Cyndi 85 D (405) 557-7392
Murdock, Casey 61 R (405) 557-7384
Murphey, Jason 31 R (405) 557-7350
Newton, Carl 58 R (405) 557-7339
Nichols, Monroe 72 D (405) 557-7391
Nollan, Jadine 66 R (405) 557-7390
O'Donnell, Terry 23 R (405) 557-7379
Ortega, Charles 52 R (405) 557-7369
Osborn, Leslie 47 R (405) 557-7333
Osburn, Mike 81 R (405) 557-7360
Ownbey, Pat 48 R (405) 557-7326
Park, Scooter 65 R (405) 557-7305
Perryman, David 56 D (405) 557-7401
Pfeiffer, John 38 R (405) 557-7332
Proctor, Eric 77 D (405) 557-7410
Renegar, Brian 17 D (405) 557-7381
Ritze, Mike 80 R (405) 557-7338
Roberts, Dustin 21 R (405) 557-7366
Roberts, Sean 36 R (405) 557-7322
Rogers, Michael 98 R (405) 557-7362
Russ, Todd 55 R (405) 557-7312
Sanders, Mike 59 R (405) 557-7407
Sears, Earl 11 R (405) 557-7358
Stone, Shane 89 D (405) 557-7397
Strohm, Chuck 69 R (405) 557-7331
Tadlock, Johnny 1 D (405) 557-7363
Teague, Tess 101 R (405) 557-7395
Thomsen, Todd 25 R (405) 557-7336
Vaughan, Steve 37 R (405) 557-7355
Virgin, Emily 44 D (405) 557-7323
Walke, Collin 87 D (405) 557-7335
Wallace, Kevin 32 R (405) 557-7368
Watson, Weldon 79 R (405) 557-7330
West, Josh 5 R (405) 557-7415
West, Kevin 54 R (405) 557-7343
West, Rick 3 R (405) 557-7413
West, Tammy 84 R (405) 557-7348
Williams, Cory 34 D (405) 557-7411
Worthen, Rande 64 R (405) 557-7398
Wright, Harold 57 R (405) 557-7325
Young, George 99 D (405) 557-7393