Sunday, May 21, 2017

Special Session? Taxes? Don't even Think About It!

May 21st 20017 Newsletter

Special Session for Raising Taxes?
Don't Even Think about it

  We have seen some good men and women hold the line this last week, defeating attempts to pass outright massive tax increases. We have seen a lot more chicken sh*t legislators breaking the Republican Party Platform and their campaign promises to keep taxes low and eliminate un needed government. But with a week to go the political will to slash unnecessary state government spending isn't strong enough so mumblings are being made about a special session to "deal" with the budget.

  Not a good idea boys and girls. Everything you do will be under a microscope in the first year of the Trump presidency, a man who kicked the living crap out of the Republican Party and won the nomination against all odds. People are sick of the useless politicians and sicker of the turncoat RINOs that are in many ways worse than the liberal Democrats.

  You face mid term elections in 2018 and people are restless and many are thinking about running for your own seat should you do business as usual. Your voting record will be broadcast to your district and to the men and women that ran against you in the last elections. The Sooner Tea Party will make sure of that.

  Here is some advice to the 149, 101 House members and the syphilitic bastards otherwise known as State Senators. Cut, cut, cut. Eliminate programs that do for people and businesses what they should be doing for themselves. The State Chamber of Commerce will fight to your last drop of blood because they have a conveyor belt of stooges just waiting for your House or Senate seat.

  Slash the tax credits. The State Chamber will whine and moan but they will be back next year paying you to pass replacement tax credits and corporate welfare programs. Hell the lobbyists will be on your side and be smiling all the way to the bank.

  Consolidate schools, starting with the management and services. Small school districts also need to step up and pay reasonable property tax rates to support their schools so start weaning the local schools off state money. There are places like Sallisaw that have enormous property taxes only because they are building multi million dollar sports complexes and that is only possible because the state is sending money from Tulsa and Oklahoma City into the "poorer" districts.

  And turn back the soft on crime legislation passed using SQ 780 and 781, we can't afford the liberal feel good experiment. Focus on two things on crime: creating much, much, cheaper jails and prisons that put the criminals to work using partnerships with local businesses. Make going to jail or prison a stretch of hard working hell instead of a vacation that is viewed as a cost of doing business as a criminal. Tired prisoners don't cause problems. And focus second on making the cost of crime high enough that criminals choose another way of life. Mercy once or twice, lower the boom on the second or third strike.

  Pick a dried up county in SW Oklahoma, buy out the remaining citizens and turn it into a open air prison camp for low risk non violent inmates. Provide $5.00 an hour labor and you will have more manufacturing and agricultural jobs than you can find inmates to fill. Tent cities are good enough for our soldiers and more than good enough for prisoners.

  The high cost medical inmates? Set up another small town with for profit doctor offices and perhaps an old hospital that can be rehabbed by the inmates. Parole these high cost inmates to those towns and let their families pay for their own medical care. Use inmates to provide medical care, no medical doctor or nurse that goes to prison ought to be allowed to sit in a cell.

  Illegal aliens, they comprise 51% of Oklahoma City school kids. Find a way to drive them out of the state. Wages will turn up sharply as will tax collections as the off the books labor is gone. Welfare, school costs, medical care costs will plummet.

  Welfare and Food Stamp recipients along with most of the Section 8 leeches. Put em to work or into a training program, the prisons will need nurses so put these leeches into training and let them stay on the system while they finish school and serve out a like time helping on public health or prison health needs. Daycare? One out of twenty can be paid to work to watch the kids like the rest of productive society has to do if they have kids.

  Society is changing and the retail industry and manufacturing has been and will continue to be hit hard by import competition and online competition. Get ready for it now. Bring Oklahoma back to conservative values and watch the economy grow.