Monday, August 1, 2016

Doctors Don’t Make Much Money off Vaccinations Or so we Were Told….

  You gotta follow the money if you want to find the truth on something.   We were told that doctors were above board in supporting forced vaccination of children and that they certainly didn't make very much money off the vaccinations but it turns out they really, really, make a lot of cash vaccinating kids.

  Blue Cross Blue Shield actually pays $400 per child that is completely vaccinated before 2 years of age.     A pediatrician with 200 new incoming patients a year can earn a cool $80,000 and as someone that once made storage racks for a pediatrician, let me tell you a good one has a lot more than 200 new patients a year.    This fact was dug up after people started noticing a trend for pediatricians refusing to serve unvaccinated children.  It turns out that there is a target of 63% of vaccinated kids needed before the cash bonus kicks in.

  By federal law vaccine companies can't pay kickbacks directly to the doctors but they can fund the insurance companies to do the same thing.  There are various loopholes where ad budgets and even vacations can be set up for staff members in return for pushing the vaccines so some pressure is there to vaccinate kids over the objection s of the parents.  Even better from their perspective, a vaccine damaged kid is a long term patient, another source of income, and the vaccine companies are shielded from the costs by the federal government.