Monday, August 22, 2016

New York Imam Shooting Sold as a “Hate Crime” by a Trump Supporter Turns out to be Immigrant on Immigrant Crime

Liberal Media Desperate to Kill the Trump Campaign and
Burning Credibility along the way.

Turns out that the Ozone Park shooting, where to Muslims were gunned down as they were leaving their mosque was a result of long simmering neighborhood violence between immigrant groups, not something caused by the Trump campaign sparking racial or religious outrage.

The 35 year old Brooklyn man named Oscar Morel was of Dominican descent but born in the U.S..  The local Hispanics and the Muslim community have been feuding going back into the early 200's.

And minutes after Morel allegedly gunned down the two Muslims he allegedly drove into another Muslim, an Iraqi immigrant, as the man rode through a cross walk.   Complicating matters is a key witness at the shooting that identified someone other than Morel in the line up.  A .38 caliber revolver was recovered at the suspects' home, hidden inside a wall with the wallboard set in place with screws.  Morel maintains his innocence.

But the point is that despite the initial kneejerk reaction from the media, the accused shooter is not a Trump supporter and there have been numerous fights and killings as the Bangladesh Muslim immigrants jostled with the Hispanics for homes and turf.

Along the same veins was a Yahoo News  published story that led with the line "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?  The later version of the article was admittedly  edited, allegedly for attribution reasons but with an added link over the Pearl Harbor gaffe that linked to a movie. The reality was yes, the folks writing the anti Trump article were indeed that ignorant.

The frenzy continues and will until the election; Trump will be blasted often and hard by the liberal and RINO media and pundits.  If there was ever any reason not to support Trump seeing the liberals join ranks with the RINOs ought to remove all doubt.