Monday, August 29, 2016


Former Klansman, The late senator, Robert Byrd shares a tender moment w/HRC
RACIST!! …..screamed Hillary Clinton last week as she attempted to tie Donald Trump to the KKK and white supremacists in an add.  Using Trump's popular views on immigration she attempted to paint him as a bigot and a racist.  Another attack claimed that Trump might respond to a negative social media post with a cruise missile.     They then coined a new term, "alt right" and said it was racists in suits basically, and claim that Trump has a dog whistle to summon them….  The ad shows various KKK and white supremacists endorsing Trump along with dire warnings of what Trump might do once in office.

Of course there is former Senator Robert Byrd, a renowned racist and KKK organizer/leader who was eulogized by Clinton in 2010 and called "her friend and mentor".   Byrd got his start in politics by organizing a KKK chapter and was elected the leader.  Byrd also filibustered the Civil Rights Act for a record amount of time. 

In other interesting presidential campaign news a former Democratic strategist dumps Hillary and supports Trump.    A former Bernie Sanders supporter, the former Democrat said there are hundreds of thousands of Democrats now supporting Trump and says his motivation is that his small town once had 25 local manufactures but is now down to one due to trade imbalances.

And the national news media continued to destroy their credibility when two CNN reporters were caught faking a satellite interview despite being about six parking spots from each other.