Monday, August 29, 2016

Oklahoma Civil Asset Forfeiture still Generating Bad Press for the State

OKC's District Attorney, David Prater
 Fallin bowed to public pressure in June and halted the controversial ERAD readers that are capable of stealing information and even cash  from your debit and credit cards.  At least until OHP formulated a policy for using the legalized theft.   But others in the state including Democratic Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater refused to listen to the public and vowed to continue using the readers.

Prater has set up his own little personal army called COMIT, Central Oklahoma Metro Interdiction Team, and has been using the ERAD readers nonstop since January and has no plans on stopping.  Prater claims the devices are legitimate law enforcement tools and claims that money has been seized from cards in a small percentage of the cases and that it helps stop identity theft.

The story goes on to show how Oklahoma has been plagued with illegally seized funds in the past and how much of a danger to privacy and property is created when law enforcement can take your cash, bank accounts, and property without even filing charges.