Sunday, August 14, 2016

Keep Calm and Trump On

   Yea Gods…. All the handwringing and whining by the RINOs the last few weeks, sounding like a bunch of twittering old women over the attacks against Donald Trump.  I keep my car radio tuned to two stations, KTOK to listen to when Glen Beck isn't whining about Trump and  KOSU the NPR station.  Why listen to NPR? Two reasons, first know your enemy, second they don't have many ads running (probably can't sell them) and there are some interesting stories on occasion.   You are either shaking your head in disbelief or laughing at the stupidity of the liberals that call in.

   Another good source is Yahoo News, as liberal as they are they have Trump stories that are heavily weighted against the candidate.   But listening to Glen Beck and KOSU and watching the posts on Yahoo! give you an excellent insight to how the liberals and RINOs are literally crapping their pantaloons as Trump maintains course.  Manufactured outrage such as the 2nd Amendment quote by Trump last week generally fall flat with the commenters weighing in on the stories.  Meanwhile the stories about Clinton sharing a stage with the father of the Florida gay club terrorist or the stories of DNC staffers being found dead seen to never be written about.

   And polls… outdated and nearly useless these days as websites attract a partisan audience and who in the hell answers their home phone anymore except mostly old folks?  And figures don't lie but liars can figure you know.

   Absent massive voting fraud Trump is going to win in a landslide in November.   No he isn't the most polished man that ran for office but he speaks unfiltered, sometimes to his detriment, but his supporters understand that and find the lack of political correctness refreshing and long in coming.  I've talked to a lot of black people that love Trump's straight shooting style and his policies and a lot of Democrats will cross over party lines, more than enough to offset those like incoming Speaker Charles McCall who supports Hillary Clinton.  As one of his lieutenants said "Trump is not our guy."  In fact McCall's worst nightmare will be seeing a landslide victory that repudiates his State Chamber of Commerce/good old boy plan for Oklahoma in the coming legislative session.

   McCall is working hard and he spent a LOT of money buying votes for the Speaker chair, buying some votes that even I didn't think could be bought.   McCall's plans to support illegal immigration, higher taxes, and corporate cronyism are likely to hit a wall once the citizens of Oklahoma see that Trump is getting the support he will get in November.

   Conservatives need to relax about the November election.  Trump will win unless there is massive electronic voter fraud at the county and state election board levels.   The machines are easily rigged, we know that, but there will be exit polling going on and a huge outrage if Hillary steals the election.   As far as the GOP in general, they might lose some seats as the vast majority of Republicans understand that the Republican Party has become a tool of corporate welfare and no longer reflects the will of the average Republican voter.  Trump showed us that by destroying 16 other candidates.

   Yes, the voting machines are likely rigged.  Do a Google search or visit this result for "rigged voting machines" and there will be plenty of demonstrations on how easily this is done.  Democrats and RINOs control most of the state election boards.   A recount for a single county will require around $30,000 in deposits before a recount can begin to count the paper ballots here in Oklahoma.  Other states with complete electronic voting will be unable to verify a rigged election short of visiting each voter in a precinct and getting an affidavit.

   However, rigged machines or not a 70% landslide result will most likely overwhelm the malicious software unless the election officials are really, really bold.   And there would be a backlash as people started comparing with their neighbors and precincts were polled by activists.  The stakes are high but Trump has massive support.