Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Carol Bush Back Stabs Old Friend

Rep Carol Bush all but Called a Liar by a Long Time Friend

(Her Indian name is: A face that would make a train take a dirt road)

(Jamison Faught of the Muskogee Politico came up with this gem. )

Seems he had contacted the Tulsa Voice after the disastrous interview Bush gave last month where she attacked Christians, John Bennett, Donald Trump, and the entire Republican Caucus.  We had reached out through the article's comments section with no response.  Faught however received a response:

"Joshua Kline, editor of TheTulsaVoice.com, responded to Bush's claim with this statement:

"We stand by Barry Friedman's story, which presented Rep. Bush in her own words. Bush is welcome to contact us directly if she seriously believes she was misquoted or "taken out of context." We'd be happy to go over the audio with her and sort this whole thing out."

Recall that Barry Friedman was a friend of Rep. Carol Bush for around 35 years, a close friendship, you could tell by reading the article.   Bush was such an idiot that she ran her mouth though without a thought in the world about who she would offend or make into an enemy.  She was speaking from her heart though, pro abortion, pro assisted suicide, anti Christian, a complete and total traitor to the voters in that Republican primary that chose her over a decent conservative man.

Even better was seeing the true form of a liberal, Barry Friedman, destroying the very traitor that he helped put in place.  So intent of making a fool out of the average Oklahoman, the average Christian, and all that they look up to and respect.  All we can say is "Slick move, exlax.)