Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kirby Investigation Comes Out Monday - Did Randy Grau Involvement Get Covered Up?



Monday should bring the release of the investigative report on Rep. Dan Kirby and a caucus expulsion will likely occur shortly after.   It might take opening day to expel Kirby from the House proper as they aren't in session but it is a foregone conclusion.

Speaker Charles McCall is especially embarrassed as Dan Kirby was one of his higher ranking lieutenants.   But while Kirby isn't the only legislator that has been carrying on like this, Kirby is going to be the poster boy for the shame and embarrassment heaped upon the House of Representatives and the unfortunate women that are unlucky enough to work there.

Kirby testified for three and a half hours on Friday, facing the text messages from the second accuser which appeared to have been a consensual relationship, but one that also violated supervisor/employee guidelines and House rules.

The involvement of former Rep. Randy Grau was kept hushed up, with nary a mention of Grau's alleged involvement with the Bishop woman or his alleged coaching that enabled her to negotiate a fat settlement from House coffers.   Committee Chairman Josh Cockcroft and member Elise Hall were in the same incoming class as Grau so both ensured that Grau's alleged involvement was suppressed or at least minimized.  On Grau's part, he never refuted the Lost Ogle report last year or our charges this year

The second woman isn't likely to get a payout of the magnitude that the Bishop woman received as the text messages she sent are said to have painted her as a willing participant in the debauchery.  The word is that Bishop wouldn't have received her payout if it wasn't for the Hickman leadership team already knowing about the second scandal.   Had Kirby dallied with only one subordinate he would have been left to face a Bishop lawsuit on a personal level.   However two accusers would have sunk any claims that the Hickman leadership team was unaware of sexual harassment going on unchecked, opening them up to liability under the EEOC regulations.

Word is that Speaker Charles McCall has put out the word for the Representatives to wrap up any lingering relationships they might have prior to the legislative session.   We will see if that actually happens as there are a half dozen credible rumors floating around and have been for months.