Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sooner Tea Party Looks Out For The Readers

Sooner Tea Party Looks out for Their Readers
Never be Surprised by another Capitol Scandal with our Handy Scandal Generator

Never again will you be left looking out of touch when a scandal erupts at the Capitol and you are surprised by what happened.   Introducing the Sooner Tea Party Scandal Generator.  It is very simple to use.  Merely print out the pictures below in groups of Legislators, Acts,  and "victims".  Create three 16" diameter cardboard wheels and place each of the picture of the legislators around the circumference, placing a nail or wood screw at the center to serve as an axle. Create two other cardboard wheels using the "Acts" and the "victims".

Hang all three wheels side by side and place another nail or wood screw in the wall at the top or bottom to serve as an indicator and give all three wheels a spin to generate an infinite number of scandals.  Feel free to add your own cast of legislators, victims, or acts.

 Given the golden shower allegations against Trump a few weeks back there is no need to worry about anyone not believing your generated scandal, just say the Russians did it.  Don't be shy, hundreds of thousands of women marched for women's rights at D.C. on Saturday and few of us had heard that Trump had taken women's rights away from them.  So get out there and generate your own House and Senate scandals today.

Warning!  To the Legislators.  This tool is not intended to be used for new ideas for your schemes.  If you are in a rut please use your imagination, not this tool which is intended for  the citizens and media.

The Legislators:

The Victims:


The Acts: