Monday, January 2, 2017

Dan Kirby’s Advice To All

Never Make a Decision Coming off a Three Day Drinking Binge

Oh the Oklahoma legislature, a gift that keeps on giving to news hounds and comedians.  We held our tongue on the Dan Kirby soap opera mainly because little threads of information have percolated our way in the past that made us question the entire story. 

Do we excuse Kirby's behavior?   Nope, the guy sounds like a creep.  And he earned himself a 43 score on last sessions RINO index so he is the last legislator we would protect.   But recent sources reinforced older information that says that the woman involved probably is likely to have hands that aren't as clean as she and her lawyer might want us to believe.

We still are digging around but the scenario being told is that the woman worked for another legislator before being assigned to Dan Kirby's office and the rumor is that said previous legislator was told by wifey that he gets out of the legislature or she was divorcing his butt.  What we know for sure is that the legislator decided not to run despite his not even being close to terming out.

As to Rep. Kirby's change of heart on his resignation, one source claims that rumors say the decision was heavily influenced by an onset of self pity and  hootch consumption but we haven't asked Kirby if this was the case or if it was a coincidence that around three days elapsed between resigning and returning to fight for his position. 

Being skeptics after all these years covering Oklahoma politics makes us question if Kirby was alleged to be coming off a bender before deciding to resign or coming off a bender and deciding to fight the charges.  Sarcasm alert for the literal minded out there.